Waste heat recovery

Improved turbine performance

The performance of turbine condensers has a high impact on electricity output. Exchanging condensers for more efficient units can work miracles on your electricity costs.


The Avdeevka coke processing plant in Donetsk, Ukraine, experienced problems with their shell-and-tube turbine condensers. Efficiency was dropping year on year and rising energy prices made correcting the problem a top priority.

After installing an AlfaCond heat exchanger as condenser for one of the turbines, the electrical output from that turbine jumped from 8 to 12 MW, a 50% increase.

The payback time for the investment was approximately three months.

Replacing a shell-and-tube turbine condenser with an AlfaCond resulted in a 50% increase in electricity output in a turbine in the Avdeevka coke processing plant in Donetsk, Ukraine.

Turbine performance

The diagram shows the general relationship between generated electricity and turbine exhaust pressure.

Generated electricity