Sanitary GPHE

Efficient and durable utility heating

Alfa Laval has the most complete range of gasketed plate heat exchangers (GPHE), from potable water or glycol heating and cooling to hygienic hot water sets. All GPHE’s are backed by our leading technology and support.

M Line TS6 320px

Alfa Laval TS6 series

The Alfa Laval TS6 steam heater is designed exclusively for steam to water heating.

The unique plate geometry, combined with heavy duty gaskets, makes this unit ideal for use in hot water sets and for the replacement of existing shell and tube heat exchangers.

TS6 applications

  • Hot water sets for pasteurizers
  • Shell and tube replacement
  • CIP solution heating

TS6 features

  • Sturdy, high pressure frames
  • Sizes range from TS6 to TS20 with connections from 3” to 8” diameter
  • Easy to modify by adding or removing plates to accommodate future process changes
  • Extremely compact, small footprint
  • ASME coded painted frame
  • 3A compliant stainless steel frame
TS Family 450

Alfa Laval M-Series

Alfa Laval M-Series is an efficient solution for general heating and cooling in hygienic applications.

It’s also the perfect alternative for heating and cooling service media.

M-Series applications

  • Potable water
  • Glycol and chilled water tempering

M-Series features

  • Efficient heat transfer plates
  • Sizes range from M3 to M30
  • Connections from 1” to 12” diameter
  • ASME coded to 300 psi

T-Series: Coming soon!    

Alfa Laval T35 and TS35 have been designed to stretch the limits of what is possible with industrial heat transfer, and an expanded T-Series line is coming to the sanitary Food and Beverage industry, featuring:

  • Eight patents and unique innovations to maximize productivity and lower life cycle costs 
  • Alfa Laval ClipGrip™ gaskets and swing feet - simplify maintenance and reduce downtime.
  • Alfa Laval CurveFlow™ distribution area eliminates stagnant zones and reduces fouling – optimizing the heat transfer area and pressure drop.
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GPHEs: How they work:

Semi-welded line of GPHEs

Alfa Laval semi-welded GPHEs and designed specifically to handle all types of refrigerants. 

And the wide -50 to 300 degree Fahrenheit temperature ranges make them an ideal food, beverage or dairy utility heat exchanger for chilled or frozen storage. 

Semi-welded applications

    • Glycol and water chilling utilizing NH3 or Freon
    • Replacement of shell and tube chillers


Semi-welded features

  • Welded plate pairs eliminate field gasket on refrigerant side
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Separate O-ring gasket on refrigerant side
  • ASME coded to 300 psi
Semi welded 320px

Brazed plate and AlfaNova heat exchangers

Brazed plate and AlfaNova heat exchangers are a high efficiency water-to-water or Glycol heating and cooling solution.

Designed for smaller footprints, and maintenance free, both brazed and AlfaNova heat exchangers are ideal for food, beverage or dairy hot water sets.

Brazed/AlfaNova applications

  • Glycol and water chilling
  • Hot water heating
  • CIP heating (Alfa Nova)


Brazed/AlfaNova features

  • Low cost, compact and highly efficient
  • High temperature and pressure operation
  • Brazed uses copper as sealing agent, eliminating gaskets
  • Alfa Nova is of solid stainless steel construction
Brazed and AlfaNova 320x180px