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Cell harvesting is a key step in all fermentation-based drug production, and the choice of separation system has great impact on product quality, yield and cost for downstream processing. Alfa Laval has supplied separation systems to the biopharma industry for several decades and we offer disc stack separators for all types of biopharma applications. We understand your challenges and regardless of which cell type your process uses and the size of your project, our team of application specialists tailor the perfect separation solution for you.

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Culturefuge range — gentle efficiency

Our Culturefuge range was specifically developed for processes using mammalian cell cultures. Thanks to its unique design, a Culturefuge separates fragile cells from the broth very gently, minimizing the risk for cell lysis and product contamination.

  • Gentle cell handling minimizes the need for complex downstream processing, resulting in low production cost
  • Fully hermetic design
  • Hygienic design, fully steam sterilizable and CIP-able
  • Fully compliant with FDA regulations
  • Meets the most stringent cGMP requirements
  • Easy scale-up thanks to broad model range
  • Compact
  • Low energy consumption
  • Flexible, can handle multiple product lines
  • Unique patented design with unrivalled performance

Reliable performace - from pilot to plant

With the often long and costly fermentation processes involved in biopharma production, you cannot risk spoiling a batch due to contamination of intracellular proteins. With Alfa Laval Culturefuge you get a cell harvesting system that you can rely on and that can be used in any size plant, from pilot or demo to the largest full-scale operation.Find out more about the unique features of our Culturefuge range for your biopharma production.

Culturefuge 400

Let’s find the perfect solution for you

There are many factors to consider when choosing cell harvesting system: the type of cells, cell concentration in the broth, system capacity, future production scale-up, the biosafety level and possible confinement requirements to mention a few.

Alfa Laval offers a complete range of well-proven separators for biopharma applications and our experts help you select the perfect model for your process. We make sure your new system meets all your requirements and deliver optimum product quality, production yield and performance.

Learn more about our different separator models on their respective product pages.

Culturefuge range


Culturefuge is a range of unique bottom-fed hermetic biopharma separators (or complete separation systems) developed especially for mammalian cell cultures, microbial cells and precipitated proteins. The resultant gentle and efficient acceleration of the feed avoids destroying shear sensitive cell wall membranes which makes downstream purification of the target proteins easier and more cost effective.

Clara range


The Clara range of separators is specially developed for industrial fermentation applications.There are models of all sizes, from laboratory or pilot-scale operation to models for large  industrial fermentation plants.  The Clara range offer gentle product treatment, high separation efficiency and low power. Depending on the model, the Clara separators are available in different designs, from non-hermetic (top fed) to fully hermetic (bottom fed) design.



BTPX is an automatic centrifugal separator for precipitated proteins, microbial broths, hormones and other biopharma applications. It embodies more than 100 years of technical know-how and product development and delivers the performance of production machines in pilot or medium scale set-ups. Designed to deliver excellence, this solid-liquid separator can be used as a clarifier or a purifier and concentrator.



This is a nozzle centrifuge suitable for a wide range of biotech separation duties, especially high density fermentations requiring continuous discharge of solids. It is a proven separation solution as you prepare for full-scale production. The BTUX separator bowl is equipped with Alfa Laval´s unique vortex nozzles, which offers performance unmatched by conventional nozzle centrifuges. High efficiency – can be run close to clogging point.



The Alfa Laval FEQX nozzle bowl separators are designed for industrial fermentation applications and are available in many different sizes and configurations, each one designed and adapted for dealing with the widely varying separation tasks required.



The FESX separators are of the nozzle bowl type. The design makes them ideal for separating micro-organisms with high cell content and with or without solids impurities in the feed. In the FESX separators the cells are continuously discharged through nozzles placed in the bowl periphery. By this design it can handle larger micro organisms, e.g. yeast, with high cell content.



The Alfa Laval FEUX separator incorporates a unique combination of design features to ensure optimum separation and concentration efficiency in industrial fermentation applications. The FEUX separator is designed for automatic ejection of washed-out solids during the cleaning cycle, which makes it particularly suitable for process lines equipped with automated cleaning-in-place (CIP).



MBPX is a range of pharma centrifuges with high bowl speeds specially for microbiological applications. They are well suited to the separation of suspended solids with particle sizes of approx. 0.5 to 500 μm. The range incudes small lab machines as well as large scale production ones. They come in two versions: a traditional top entry open, non-hermetic version or a hollow-spindle fully hermetic version.



MBUX industrial centrifuges are well suited to the recovery of yeast and other microorganisms in pharma applications. Available in different sizes, they require relatively little energy to recover concentrated solids. The slurry is pseudo-plastic and flows easily in the bowl against the centrifugal force in what is a closed system. The closed configuration also enhances hygiene.

Boosting the Alfa Laval MB 601

Alfa Laval MB 601 is the first disc stack separator for the biopharma industry that features our patented integral discs. This ground-breaking technology offers several benefits:

  • Increased separation capacity
  • Raised separation performance
  • Improved hygiene, making cleaning faster and easier

The MB 601 is designed for gentle product treatment and is fully hermetic. It complies with the hardest industry requirements and target applications are processes involving cell cultures, bacteria, rDNA products and vaccines.

MB 601

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Patient safety comes first

Our first priority is always the safety of the patients, and every detail of our systems is designed with this in mind. Our solutions comply with the highest manufacturing standards for hygiene, cleanability, traceability, documentation, system changes and validation. We have long experience of supplying equipment to the pharmaceuticals industry and have the regulatory expertise and organizational tools to manage all requirements for cGMP compliance. We provide validations, certificates and documentation that comply with the most stringent industry demands. Our in-house Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) lab lets us validate each system before delivery and we can also provide additional validation services if required.

Patient safety

Reliable performance

With Alfa Laval as your service partner you have the full support of our global network of dedicated service experts. We offer a wide range of services spanning the entire lifetime of your separation system, such as upgrades that increase separation performance, monitoring systems and audits. Our experts train your operators to run and maintain your system in an optimal way to maximize its performance. When needed, our distribution network quickly supplies spare parts with all the necessary compliance certificates. 


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