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Unique RV-ST

The Alfa Laval Unique RV-ST is a versatile hygienic regulating valve that provides continuous flow and pressure control for high- and low-volume liquid-handling applications. With easy setup and an electropneumatic positioner, it meets the highest process demands for hygiene and safety across the dairy, food, brewery and many other industries.

Alfa Laval RV-ST group

Hygienic regulating valve for quick, accurate control of process flow and pressure

  • Ensures constant pressure
  • Maintains constant flow – even at low volumes
  • Regulates pump flow or pressure
  • Meets all process requirements, covering a broad range of Kv values

Meet exacting demands for process hygiene, safety, and flow and pressure control with the Alfa Laval Unique RV-ST regulating valve. This versatile flow rate control valve and pressure regulation valve covers Kv values from 1 to 250 m3/hour to meet most customer requirements – even at very low flow rates. Built on the proven Unique SSV platform, the RV-ST shares standard components with the Alfa Laval Unique valve series, reducing parts inventory and costs and simplifying replacement, when required.

Hygienic corrosion-free regulating valve

The Alfa Laval Unique RV-ST is an intelligent hygienic regulating valve that safely and effectively controls process flows with Kv values between 9 and 246 m3/hour. It is designed for a wide range of fluid handling duties, such as metering, blending, weighing and filling system duties, in the food and beverage, brewery, biotech and pharmaceutical and chemicals industries. Corrosion-free features, such as tapered stainless steel stems, ensure product safety according to EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) guidelines.

Advanced electro-pneumatic controller

The Unique RV-ST regulating valve comes with an advanced electro-pneumatic controller with an integrated IP converter. This offers superior control of product flow by combining different pressure drops and stroke lengths. It also features a contact-free analog position sensor, which measures the position of the valve spindle, and a standard Profibus DP-V1 or optional DeviceNet communications interface. Analogue or binary feedback is available as options.

Easy push-and-play regulating valve setup

With a push of a button, the Alfa Laval Unique RV-ST regulating valve automatically calibrates itself so that it is fully operational.

Reliable, easy to maintain

Built on the proven Unique SSV (Single Seat Valve) platform, which has an installed base of more than one million valves, the Alfa Laval Unique RV-ST UltraPure offers the same reliability, safety and ease of maintenance. Its offers protection class IP65 and IP67 for tough process environments.

A regulating valve with maximum flexibility

It uses the same few moveable components, spare parts and maintenance tools and procedures as Alfa Laval Unique SSV valves. Using the upgrade kit available, it is possible to upgrade older regulating valves with the new control unit. The new control unit also supports rebuild of the actuator from NC (Normally Closed) to NO (Normally Open) and vice versa.

Product Benefits

  • Intelligent hygienic regulating valve
  • Easy push-and-play regulating valve setup
  • Maximum flexibility


How it works



The Alfa Laval Unique RV-ST regulating valve with integrated IP converter is a third-generation single-seat valve. It features:

  • A broad selection of stainless steel tapered valve stems
  • An Alfa Laval Unique actuator with digital electropneumatic process controller for precise control of product flow and pressure
  • Rugged, long-lasting plastic stem bushings that eliminate metal-to-metal galling

Valves from 1½” to 4” have the same standard plug seal as the entire Alfa Laval Unique valve series. The 1” needle valve does not have a plug seal.

The stems are threaded to the actuator shaft, which eliminates the coupling between the stem and the actuator. Bushings at end of the actuator cylinder support the stem and ensure perfect alignment.

Operating principle

The Alfa Laval Unique RV-ST regulating valve is controlled from a remote location by means of a digital electropneumatic process controller. The control unit comes in two versions: top control with display or basic control without display. It has an analogue 4-20 mA communication interface and is protected according to IP65 and IP67.

RV ST Valve


  • Male parts or clamp liners in accordance with required standard
  • Product-wetted seals in HNBR or FPM
  • Maintainable actuator
  • External surface finish blasted
  • Optional plug seal: HNBR or FPM

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