Unique RV-P

The Alfa Laval Unique RV-P Regulating Valve is an automatic hygienic regulating valve with an electro-pneumatic actuator for use in applications that require precision control of flow as well as pressure, temperature, and tank fluid levels.

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Designed to safely and effectively control or regulate precision flows

  • Precision flow control
  • Advanced hygienic valve design
  • Dedicated protection
  • Reliable operation
  • Large operating range

The Unique RV-P Regulating Valve is designed for precise flow control in the dairy, food, beverage,  biotechnology, pharmaceutical and many other industries.

Extremely accurate valve flow regulation

Alfa Laval offers two regulating valves:Unique RV-P and an aseptic version, Unique RV-P Aseptic. These normally open  or normally closed regulating valves provide highly accurate control of pressure, flow, temperature and fluid levels in tanks and in steel pipe systems.

Advanced hygienic valve design

Unique RV-P valves are ideal for high-volume sanitary process applications that require precision control. With a self-draining valve body, these valves are authorized to carry the 3-A symbol. Especially suitable for aseptic applications that require SIP (Sterilization in Place), the Unique RV-P valves are fitted with PTFE diaphragms that prevent contamination from microorganisms and particles outside the product zone.

Extreme valve accuracy

The Unique RV-P features an electro-pneumatic actuator with integrated IP converter and integrated positioner, which contribute to greater operational accuracy and reliability. The positioner for Unique RV-P valves are IP66 certified for water and dust protection.

Regulating valves with Unique SSV modularity

The pneumatic actuated regulation valves from Alfa Laval are both built on the same Unique SSV platform and thus modular with the Alfa Laval single seat valve range. The Unique RV-ST is ideal for standard regulating duties like metering, blending, weighing and filling.

If the regulating demands increases then the Unique RV-P is the optimal choice. With a high precision actuator and positioner it is ideal for regulation in applications where the highest accuracy is required. Based on modular components  different plug configurations can be selected to meet specific Kv requirements. The lower sealing element is clamped on and can be replaced to match flexible Kv values.

For more information, please refer to Documentation.

Aseptic version

The aseptic version of Alfa Laval's Unique RV-P is called Unique RV-P Aseptic. This is an electro-pneumatic modulating valve that features an IP converter as an integrated part of the actuator. Available with a range of plug designs with different Kv values, providing different capacities.

Supplied with a an aseptic diaphragm that provides hermetic sealing against intrusion from the atmosphere, ensuring full protection against the effects of micro-organisms during processing. This design allow aseptic control of pressure, flow, temperature in aseptic systems and to control the level of liquids in aseptic tanks.

Like all Alfa Laval valves, the Unique RV-P Aseptic is constructed with few moving parts housed in the actuator for added wear protection. Its compact hygienic design contributes reduces the need for maintenance and makes disassembly, if required, quick and easy. Plus there are no loose springs to pose any safety risk when opening the valve. The diaphragm is fully modular with the well proven diaphragms from the Unique SSV Aseptic portfolio.

Low maintenance requirements

Like all Alfa Laval valves, the Unique RV-P is constructed with few moving parts housed in the actuator for added wear protection. Being modular with the Unique SSV portfolio it is possible to optimize maintenance routines and spare parts inventories in the plant. Its compact hygienic design contributes reduces the need for maintenance and makes disassembly, if required, quick and easy. Plus there are no loose springs to pose any safety risk when opening the valve.

Compliance with most hygienic standards

Alfa Laval Unique RV-P valves meet most standards requested in the dairy, food and beverage, and personal care industries. Please refer to Documentation for more information. 

Product Benefits

  • Highly accurate control of pressure, flow, temperature and fluid levels
  • Advanced hygienic valve design
  • Extreme valve accuracy

How it works


The Unique RV-P valve consists of a valve body without seal, cone-shaped regulating plug, lip seal, bonnet and an actuator. The actuator with the bonnet is fitted to the valve body by means of a clamp ring.

The standard valve is supplied with a standard normally open (NO) actuator. Upon request, it may also be supplied with a normally closed (NC) actuator.

Operating principle

Alfa Laval Unique RV-P valves feature an electro-pneumatic actuator with an integrated IP converter, which provide accurate and reliable conversion of electrical signals from a controller directly to pneumatic signals. With the contactless magnetic sensor technology the actuator and positioner is insensitive to vibrations and pressure shocks.

The pneumatic signals are relayed to an integrated positioner, which operates by means of the force balance principle. This ensures that the position of the actuator piston is directly proportional to the input signal. Signal range and zero point can be adjusted individually.

By changing the standard measuring spring, the actuator may also be used for split-range operation.

Unique RV P IM


  • Fittings in accordance with required standard
  • Aseptic version based on Unique SSV Aseptic diaphragm system
  • External surface finish of Ra ≤ 0.8μm
  • 3A (Sanitary Standard) labelling on request
  • Lip seal of NBR or FPM
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