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Digital services for Alfa Laval marine equipment

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With remote access to information from your onboard systems, you have smart opportunities to lower cost of ownership and secure peace of mind. Connectivity lets Alfa Laval experts serve you better remotely, using diagnostic data to speed up troubleshooting and reduce the number and length of service visits. Better still, our digital services put deeper insights at your fingertips, so that you can optimize your equipment and establish best practices across your fleet.

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Digital services for Alfa Laval marine equipment



How our digital services work

Connectivity for your Alfa Laval marine equipment is simple, secure and smart. Data from onboard systems is relayed to the cloud, giving your crews, superintendents and shore teams the possibility to monitor live and historical data. If a problem should arise, the availability of diagnostic data makes it faster and easier for Alfa Laval service experts to lead your crew to a solution.

The whole flow speeds up communication – with us and within your fleet. And we work continuously to ensure the communication is secure.

Digital services by product

Alfa Laval’s offering of digital services is constantly expanding. As the number of connected systems grows, so do the types of services we offer and the benefits we can provide. Here you can explore today’s options for specific Alfa Laval products.

PureBallast Connect

Connectivity for Alfa Laval PureBallast lets you monitor your systems to compare and optimize performance fleet-wide. In addition, it lets us provide faster troubleshooting and automatic reports that support your compliance with ballast water treatment regulations.


PureSOx Connect

At its simplest, connectivity for Alfa Laval PureSOx provides automatic reports that make it easy to demonstrate SOx compliance. Additional modules let us help you resolve issues remotely and give you the tools to benchmark PureSOx performance across your fleet.


Separator Connect

You can reduce operating costs and optimize crew routines with connectivity for your Alfa Laval fuel and lube oil separators. Remote access to key separator data puts you in control over separator performance, and it lets us guide crews to faster solutions if issues arise.


Digital Services for Gas Combustion Units

On LNG carriers, connectivity for Alfa Laval Gas Combustion Units means safety and reliability. You get remote access to key data for evaluating performance and ensuring readiness to operate, as well as data-driven support that speeds up the resolution of issues.


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We provide not just immediate support but also a full range of services – digital as well as physical. Turn to us to optimize performance, safeguard compliance, improve sustainability, boost efficiency and secure your peace of mind. You’ll find solutions for every stage of your equipment’s life cycle in our Alfa Laval Marine Service offering.

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