Oil and Gas

In oil and gas, there’s no substitute for getting it right. The work is never easy, but it becomes simpler with the right partner at your side. High-performance technology, combined with deep knowledge and broad services, can secure your performance. And that’s where Alfa Laval comes in.

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Performance. Simplified.

Onshore and offshore, Alfa Laval provides technology, know-how and services that drive your profitability. Drawing on decades of field experience, we bring you robust solutions that mean easy integration, trouble-free uptime and long-term efficiency. Not only do we secure the performance you count on, we save you time and resources in the process.

From start to finish

Alfa Laval’s commitment goes well beyond the equipment we supply. It often begins before a solution is on the drawing board, and it extends long past the start of operations. We help you select the right equipment quickly, both for new solutions and for upgrades. And once selected, we get it in place through world-class delivery capabilities and expert project management. Over time we then optimize, service and support your equipment – whenever and wherever – to extend its performance.

Technology built for trust

We offer a comprehensive range of equipment for oil and gas, supporting not only your mission-critical processes, but also your energy efficiency and environmental profile. Ease of integration is the common denominator, along with strong performance you can count on over time.

We develop Alfa Laval technology by listening to you, and by witnessing your challenges first-hand through work in the field. By ensuring that you can depend on our equipment, we ensure that you can depend on your processes.

Cooperation that pays off

Working with oil and gas is a long-term journey. At any step of the way, we can be a sounding board, an advisor or a close working partner, as we are to major producers in installations worldwide. No matter how we cooperate with you, our focus is the same. Using our decades of experience and unique technical insights, we find smart ways to overcome your challenges. Simply put, working with us means much less to worry about – and everything to profit by.


A complete range of air cooled heat exchangers

Alfa Laval offers a wide array of finned tube heat exchangers, from upstream models used on drilling rigs to engineered-to-order units in downstream applications with high temperatures and pressures. The many configuration possibilities let us tailor each heat exchanger to fit its operating conditions perfectly, ensuring outstanding operating reliability, high performance and minimum operating costs.

The following table shows typical applications for our different models.

  Applications ACE Model A ACE Model C ACE Model E ACE Model J ACE Model T ACE Model V Olmi Model G ACE/Olmi API 661
Upstream Drilling   x   x   x    
Field compression x x x x x      
SAGD/EOR   x x         x
CPF     x          
Upgraders     x         x
Midstream Compressor stations x x x x x x x x
Gas processing x x x x x x x x
Gas fractionation x x x x x x x x
LNG     x     x   x

Refineries     x         x
Petrochemical plants     x       x x
Power plants     x     x    
CNG x x x x   x    


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Accelerating sustainable solutions

Imagine a more sustainable world


Demand new standards

Introducing the world’s most modern Gasketed plate heat exchangers. Discover how our next-generation line of gasketed plate heat exchangers will bring you higher efficiency, better reliability and greater serviceability.

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Save your energy – from start to finish!

Benefit from Alfa Laval’s decades of experience of working with EPC projects and your end customers. We can support you throughout the project to make sure your customers get the optimal heat exchanger package.

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