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Let’s Talk Ballast

New streaming series on ballast water treatment

Welcome to Let’s Talk Ballast!

Join our ballast water treatment specialist Håkan Persson talking to an experienced ballast specialist giving an up-to-date look at the most important topics to consider when planning your installation to keep you ballast water treatment system compliant for the lifetime of your vessel. To stay compliant after your ballast water treatment system is onboard, there is more required than just turning it on. We’ll be sorting it all out in Let’s Talk Ballast! – our free streaming series on ballast water treatment.

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Episode 1: Choosing trade – not trade-offs

Can you comply without compromising? Every ballast water treatment system has its limits. (No matter what suppliers say!) So what does a type approval certificate really show you? And what are the real demands your system will face? Join us to discuss the different criteria found in the rules. We’ll explain what you see on paper – and what it really means at sea.

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Episode 2: Navigating ballast water regulations

Let’s get real! Picking up from Episode 1, we’ll look at real water characteristics in different world ports – and see why some type-approved ballast water treatment systems won’t work there. You’ll be introduced to Compliance Navigator, a free new tool that compares system limitations with the conditions on your vessel’s trade routes. Using Compliance Navigator, you can avoid problems and stay free to sail like you always have.

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Episode 3: Take control of your retrofit for cost-effective success!

Once you have selected your ballast water treatment solution, what’s next? In this episode we’ll look at getting the most out of your business’s resources for a smooth and successful installation. From preliminary planning to getting back to sea, learn how to plan a smart retrofit project with total control over your costs.

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Episode 4: Meeting ballast water regulations over time

Your system is installed, so you’re all done, right? Think again – there’s still a lot to consider. In this episode, we’ll explore demands beyond the certificate, highlighting requirements from both IMO and USCG. Topics will include commissioning tests, yearly sampling, crew trainings and more.

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Episode 5: Long-term performance with low costs!

Get tips for overcoming common challenges in operating your ballast water treatment system while ensuring low cost of ownership over time. Issues covered will include inaccurate readings, why cleaning-in-place (CIP) matters and more!

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What is System Design Limitations?

The world of ballast water treatment is full of often complex legal and technical terms. But you don’t have to get lost in the jargon anymore. Click here to get a quick summary of the most common expressions used in the field.

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Meet ballast regulations with ease

For many fleets, new ballast water regulations can seem incredibly complicated. Choosing the right equipment? Planning a retrofit? It can quickly become a lot to handle, but it doesn’t need to be that way! Alfa Laval has two decades of experience with ballast water treatment. Knowledge at your disposal – so you can keep sailing like you always have.

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