Alfa Laval remote guidance

Secure continued uptime through remotely guided service steps

Alfa Laval experts respond quickly to your service needs, even in the most challenging times. With Alfa Laval Remote Guidance, you can receive direct support from our experts who remotely guide your crew to a solution. This helps you minimize or completely avoid downtime, without the need for a physical visit. 

Using Alfa Laval Remote Guidance also helps reducing our carbon footprint, thus contributing to your sustainability goals. We ensure that your data is secure and safely guarded through the platform. 

Looking for a specific service?

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How it works

The Alfa Laval Remote Guidance tool lets users interact and collaborate in real time, despite being in different locations. It creates an augmented reality environment where dialogue, hand gestures, still images, telestrating (digital sketching) and real objects inserted into the view can all be used to guide service actions. 

Scope of service

Alfa Laval remote guidance can be used with most of Alfa Laval equipment. You can either get this service with a subscription which helps you reduce administration cost. Alternatively, we can support you with remote guidance on demand. To find out more about what packages suit your need best, please contact your local office