As the marine industry evolves, there are still good reasons to choose a SOx scrubber. Alfa Laval PureSOx offers economical fuel sulphur compliance, both with global limits and with those in the expanding number of Emission Control Areas (ECAs). Effective in open-loop or closed-loop scrubbing, PureSOx can be delivered as a hybrid scrubber system with both open-loop and closed-loop modes. Just as importantly, it comes with Alfa Laval’s long experience and global service backing.

PureSOx脱硫装置-PureSOx desulfurization system

Alfa Laval is your partner in SOx compliance

  • Over 100 years of marine industry experience – including over 50 years of marine scrubber experience
  • Proven removal of SOx (>98%) and particulate matter through exhaust gas cleaning
  • Hundreds of marine scrubbers in proven SOx compliance worldwide
  • A truly global network for scrubber service and support, offering scrubber spare parts, scrubber training, scrubber maintenance and more
  • Opportunities for continuous scrubber optimization

Since the first PureSOx scrubber system went to sea in 2009, Alfa Laval has kept vessels in fuel sulphur compliance and SOx scrubbers working at their best. Besides having lower fuel costs, PureSOx owners benefit from Alfa Laval’s long experience, high production quality and deep scrubber knowledge.

PureSOx scrubber systems are compact and handle multiple exhaust gas sources. They are available in open-loop, closed-loop or hybrid scrubber configurations, with Alfa Laval’s leading water treatment technology to support closed-loop operation. Installed smoothly on hundreds of vessels, all PureSOx systems are in compliance today. Consequently, their owners continue to trust Alfa Laval for regular service and ongoing optimization.

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Worldwide and 24/7, Alfa Laval Marine Service is your path to greater uptime, optimized performance and true peace of mind. Our network is always on call, and our service offering brings reliability, efficiency and compliance throughout your equipment's lifetime.

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Securing compliance with care – service examples

Our portfolio contains a wide range of ser­vices to secure SOx scrubber performance. By taking advan­tage of preventive maintenance, continuous optimization and more, you can rely on your PureSOx system for cost-effective compliance throughout your vessel’s lifetime.

Spare parts

PureSOx spare parts can be shipped anywhere within 24 hours, and we can even arrange tailored stocks.

Energy Reduction Mode

Save with a PureSOx upgrade that fine-tunes water flow in open loop and cuts energy use by up to 25%.

Condition Audit

Safeguard compliance and reduce the risk of unscheduled downtime by letting us identify potential issues – along with opportunities for optimization and upgrades.

Dry Dock Kits

Use your time in dry dock to increase PureSOx lifetime and efficiency with a tailored overhaul kit prepared as part of a Condition Audit.

PureSOx Exchange Programme

Simplify proof of compliance by swapping in pre-calibrated PAH and turbidity sensors when the time is due.

PureSOx Connect

Save time and improve operations with our PureSOx Connect range of data-driven services.


Optimize scrubber performance and lower cost of ownership by increasing crew skills in maintenance and troubleshooting.

Customized scrubber service agreements

Alfa Laval Service Agreements are a tailor-made way to lower OPEX and secure scrubber uptime. They combine your choice of services from our broad PureSOx offering, ranging from scrubber spare parts to scrubber connectivity. Over 80% of PureSOx customers take advantage of the peace of mind and predictable annual costs.

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Why use a scrubber to meet SOx regulations?

Fuel prices are unpredictable, but high-sulphur fuel is consistently less expensive than low-sulphur options. With a PureSOx scrubber, you can leverage the price difference while reducing SOx emissions to the equivalent of low-sulphur fuel. You get lasting fuel economy – and a rapid return on your SOx scrubber investment.


Installing an Alfa Laval PureSOx scrubber system

It takes experience and expertise to get a SOx scrubber system on board, especially in a retrofit. Alfa Laval has delivered hundreds of PureSOx systems, and more than half have been retrofit projects. Our advance planning and proximity to major shipyards, along with prefabricated components and modules, simplify the process.

Over the years, we have developed strong project management routines and procedures. These ensure that design, installation, commissioning and class approval all go smoothly. We take responsibility and work closely with you, the shipyard and any engineering company to ensure success.

Alfa Laval PureSOx in action

Curious to see how a retrofit of a scrubber takes place? Watch our film of the retrofit on board the M/V Valentine to see how it's done. 



Open-loop, closed-loop or hybrid scrubbing?

Open-loop scrubbers, which discharge the scrubber water directly, are a common choice due to their lower CAPEX and OPEX. However, low water alkalinity or local bans on open-loop scrubbing can limit their use. Closed-loop scrubbers recirculate the scrubber water and discharge only a small amount of cleaned bleed-off water, which enables more widespread compliance. But the smartest choice is often a hybrid scrubber, which provides future-proof economy through open-loop and closed-loop modes. All three configurations are possible with PureSOx.

Energy savings with PureSOx Energy Reduction Mode

PureSOx can save energy and costs when equipped with Energy Reduction Mode. Optional for new scrubber systems and available as an upgrade, Energy Reduction Mode optimizes the flow of water through the scrubber. Instead of relying on engine load, it uses real-time compliance measurements to pump no more water than necessary – which reduces OPEX, lowers CO2 emissions and improves your vessel’s EEXI.


Why choose Alfa Laval for exhaust gas cleaning?

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The emissions compliance corner

Read blogs by our expert Kate Schrøder Jensen, Alfa Laval’s specialist in emissions regulations and liaison with MARPOL. You can get all the information around compliance, regulations around scrubber technology.

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