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Welcome to the expert blog of Kate Schrøder Jensen, Alfa Laval’s specialist in emissions regulations and liaison with MARPOL.

“Here I cut through the confusion and rumours about fuel sulphur limits, exhaust gas cleaning, scrubber technology and more. Emissions legislation is complex, but the main question is simple: how does this affect me?”

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Scrubber sludge from ship to shore

Describing scrubber sludge as a substance explains that scrubber sludge comes in wide range of viscosities depending on the cleaning equipment installed on board. The majority of ship owners prefer to be able to pump the sludge from ship to shore. The other alternative is to truck/lift it from the ship.

More about who I am and what I do

As you can read in the introduction to this blog, I’m a regulatory affairs specialist at Alfa Laval. But that’s just a job description.

Enforcement of the 2020 global sulphur cap

The 2020 global sulphur cap is just around the corner. In various other corners, I hear a lot of discussion: how it is even possible to enforce this regulation?

Scrubber sludge – what is it?

From an Alfa Laval point of view, scrubber sludge is waste collected during scrubber operation in closed-loop mode. For other suppliers, it can also be a substance collected during open-loop operation. But this post is written from our perspective on the world.

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