Decanter Performance

Service that pays off

Unplanned stops cost money. The best way to prevent them and prolong your wastewater decanter centrifuge life is to perform regular maintenance and use only genuine spare parts. With first-class service from Alfa Laval, unplanned shutdowns are a thing of the past. More uptime means less hassle, longer equipment lifetime, and lower total cost of ownership. Alfa Laval offers a wide range of service products that will improve your plant’s uptime, including:

Alfa Laval Condition Audit

An Alfa Laval Condition Audit can identify maintenance needs before they impair performance or cause an unplanned shutdown.

Alfa Laval Preventive Maintenance

Regular maintenance reduces downtime and unplanned stops, in addition to prolonging the lifespan of your equipment.

Alfa Laval Spare Parts

Using only Alfa Laval genuine spare parts designed for your equipment ensures safe, reliable performance.

Alfa Laval Equipment Upgrades

As operating conditions change over time, our wide range of upgrade solutions ensures that your equipment features the latest technical developments.

Alfa Laval Training

Secure uptime, reduce maintenance cost and optimize equipment performance by motivating and engaging your operators.


By choosing Alfa Laval, you get the perfect long-term partner for your daily operations. Our extensive global service network reaches you wherever you are. Alfa Laval is an expert in wastewater treatment and decanter service, and we know what it takes to optimize your total cost of ownership. Take your first step toward substantial savings by talking to one of our experts.