CHNX decanter improves tar recovery in Belgium

In 2004, Belgium’s ArcelorMittal Gent steel plant decided to replace a two-phase decanter for separation of coal tar in the tar recovery plant. For this difficult duty, involving erosive fluids, the company chose an Alfa Laval CHNX 418.

DATE 2023-11-28

ArcelorMittal Gent (previously known as Sidmar) is a maritime and integrated steel producer with an annual output of nearly five million tons of crude steel.

In September 2004 Sidmar replaced an old tar decanter with an Alfa Laval CHNX 418 two-phase decanter for coal tar recovery. Prior to the decanter there are 3 static decanters to remove larger solid particles.



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Customer's voice

By reducing leakage we have decreased the need for cleaning and reduced downtime. The decanter has also made the process cleaner and safer.

Kenneth Vermaut