Alfa Laval Sigma 6 helps Fabricadouro’s olive oil mill get the desired yield and maximum quality

Founded in 2008, Fabricadouro initially focused only on wine production and agricultural services. In 2017, they bought a building and started the olive oil project by investing in an olive oil mill. At the moment, they have around 300 customers. This year they would like to reach 400-500 customers or even more. Their goal is to make good olive oil with better quality than any other mill in the Douro area. To reach this target, The Fabricadouro mill processes around 200-250 tons of oil using a 2-phase decanter. The decanter they bought the Alfa Laval Sigma 6, a 2-phase olive oil decanter which helps the Fabricadouro mill processes around 200-250 t of oil.

DATE 2023-11-28

Customer's voice

Fabricadouro, Portugal

The results have been great. We get the yield we were looking for along with maximum quality.”
The relationship between Fabricadouro and Alfa Laval is really good. Alfa Laval always solves our problems. Their people are very close and available to us during the season. I would recommend Alfa Laval to anybody. They will be well served by buying Alfa Laval equipment.”

- Alvaro Vega, Owner of Fabricadouro