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Efficient oil cleaning saves resources and reduces costs

Different types of oil-based industrial fluids such as lube oil, hydraulic oil, mineral and synthetic oils are essential in many industrial machining and manufacturing industries. The quality of the service oils determines your equipment lifetime and levels of productivity. Clean lube oil is crucial for the safe, reliable, and economical operation of virtually all kinds of equipment that use oils for either lubrication or hydraulic systems. 


Centrifugal separators are widely known for their efficient oil dehydration and particulate cleaning abilities, as well as for consistent, reliable and long-term performance. In comparison to oil filters, the centrifugal separation is much more efficient as it cleans both solids and water contamination in a single phase and does not require a pause in operations to switch out dirty filter elements. Water removal especially increases the lifetime of equipment significantly, allowing you to prevent corrosion and efficiently prolong the life of the service oil. Cleaning your oil-based fluids by three-phase separation will mean better oil recycling abilities with fewer oil changes and less waste disposal, improving the environmental impact of your operations.


  • Increased efficiency and quality​

  • Extends oil lifetime

  • Savings on oil replacement and disposal costs​

  • Reduced downtime and loss of production

  • Low total cost of ownership

  • Better working environment


Product portfolio 

Alfa Laval has a range of proven disc stack separators to extend the service life of all kinds of industrial oil-based fluids and, by extension, your systems, whether you’re a small workshop or a large plant. Depending on your needs for cleaning of service oils such as lube oil, hydraulic oil, mineral oil or synthetic oil, Alfa Laval offers fixed and mobile solutions for both smaller tanks and larger centralized systems.

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Separator service kits and spare parts

An Alfa Laval centrifugal separator will perform for decades if you look after it properly. We offer high-quality separator service kits and durable parts, designed to simplify maintenance, boost productivity and maximize uptime. Our service kits include what is required for every specific service as described in your manual, with genuine spare parts and a comprehensive package of detailed service instructions. Explore our service offering for our industrial fluids cleaning separators and visit our webshop to order your kit today!

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How oil cleaning separators work

The Alfa Laval Oil Cleaning Modules OCM have been developed for fuel and lube oil cleaning to remove solids (particles) and water simultaneously. They are easy to use, plug and play modules with standard options as for example electrical heater and mobile kit - customization is possible.


Why use centrifugal separation? 

The three technologies in brief

  • Centrifugation separates matter of different densities – both water and particles
  • Filters use different mesh sizes to capture solids only
  • Coalescers remove water from lube oil

Choose the technology that suits your application

In centrifugation, clean oil is directed back into your process while water contamination is continuously discharged. Particles are contained in the separator bowl for later disposal or discharged automatically.

When using filters, the solids are usually captured in a disposable cartridge, which needs replacing regularly. Coalescers can only work if the lube oil is almost particle free. Most often, a coalescer module works with filters so that both solid particles and water are removed in one system.

Lube oil cleaning technologies compared

  Disc stack centrifuge Filter Coalescer
Particles & water separation? yes no no
Particle removal yes yes, partly no
Free water removed yes no yes
Emulsified water removed limited no limited
Dissolved water removed no no no
Capital cost high low low
Operating costs low high high
Total cost of ownership low high high

7 benefits of cleaning oils with centrifugal separation 


Removes both particles and water in a single operation


Highly effective, separates also small particles


Continuous operation without loss of capacity


Requires minimal service and maintenance


Enables more process uptime


Prolongs equipment lifetime


Best Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Discover more benefits with cleaning lube oil

Centrifugal separators are available in several configurations, from mobile modules to integrated systems. Plug-in units make installation fast and simple. Continuous high performance makes total cost of ownership comparably low.

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White paper: The importance of lube oil cleaning

Eager to understand more about lube oil cleaning? Our whitepaper gives you a comprehensive overview of the technologies available and acts as a guide to choosing the best one for your application.


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