Wet surface air coolers

Alfa Laval Wet Surface Air Coolers (WSAC®) are custom built, closed-loop cooling and condensing systems that combine high performance, low operating costs, compact size and reliable operation. Renowned for their robust design and high efficiency, Alfa Laval WSACs are used in a large number of demanding industries. Their low water consumption and high cooling capacity have made them a popular choice in applications where low temperatures are required for process improvements.

阿法拉伐 Niagara 湿式表面空气冷却器


  • Lowest possible process fluid outlet temperature thanks to evaporative cooling
  • Minimal water consumption – cooling water can be re-circulated and the makeup water can be of low quality
  • Low energy consumption
  • Compact size and lowest lifecycle cost
  • Well-proven technology and long service life

Alfa Laval WSAC systems are engineered-to-order, closed-loop cooling and condensing systems. Thanks to Alfa Laval’s WetSurface technology, these units provide maximum cooling in a compact unit and use a minimum of water and electric power. The robust and simple design brings stable thermal performance and low maintenance requirements. An Alfa Laval WSAC is a closed loop system, meaning there is no risk of contaminants entering the process stream.

Our WSAC systems can be fully customized to your requirements, for example they can be designed to withstand corrosive media, cool several process streams in parallel or with the ability to run in both dry-cooling and wet-cooling mode. 

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Our tailored commercial air cooler solutions

Finding the right air cooled heat exchanger solution for your industrial process can be quite challenging depending on many different factors. Water access is one of them - you may have limited or no access at all to water. You may also be struggling with seasonal changes and other challenges.

In this video you will find out more about our range of air-cooled heat exchangers and which cooling solution is ideal for you based on your specific requirements.

How it works

Watch videos and animations to learn more about the working principle of wet surface air coolers.

Wet surface air cooler working principle

WSAC systems

WSAC systems come in all sizes from small, packaged units to large field-erected systems. Find out more details about the different systems.

Wet surface air cooler field-erected system


Find answers to the most frequently asked questions when it comes to wet surface air coolers.

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Unique features


A WSAC can operate on recycled water of low quality such as blowdown water.

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Maximum cooling efficiency and lowest possible output temperature.

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