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The bright way to profitable power

Flexible waste heat recovery solutions

Waste heat is a valuable energy source and offers a unique opportunity to improve your operating economy and reduce your environmental footprint. It can be recovered from exhaust gases from engine and gas turbines or flue gas from industrial processes - recovering this waste heat results in substantial energy cost savings and reduced CO2 emissions.

Energy efficiency plays an increasingly important role in business, and waste heat recovery will ensure that the energy content of the fuel will be utilized more efficiently instead of losing energy into the atmosphere. Waste heat recovery results in: 

15% improvement on fuel-to-electricity efficiency in combined cycle

95% improvement on plant efficiency in combined heat and power applications

Recovered waste heat can also be converted into:

  • Electricity generation
  • Hot water and/or steam generation which can in turn be utilized for
    • Process use
    • District cooling and heating
    • Fresh water generation
    • Cooling/heating system

The optimum mix of the above depends on the specific characteristics of the plant, the location, and the energy prices. Our solutions are well suited for both new and existing plants. We are happy to offer our expertise and vast experience related to waste heat recovery in order to help you evaluate the best possible solution to benefit your business.

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8,7 million tonnes of CO2 emissions

Our WHR systems in operation cut 8,7 million tonnes of CO2 emissions annually - the same as 9,6 million hectares of Amazon rainforest absorb.

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4,6 GW total installed WHR capacity

Our 4,6 GW total installed WHR capacity equal to 200 000 hectares of Nordic forest refined into biofuels.

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>1800 WHR boilers in 100 countries

Alfa Laval has extensive know-how and decades of experience with over 1800 supplied landbased waste heat recovery boilers worldwide. 


Engine waste heat recovery

Modern engine systems are considerably more efficient than their predecessors, yet much of the fuel energy is wasted as heat. By recapturing this energy and putting it to use, Alfa Laval reduces both fuel consumption and emissions.

Our waste heat recovery solutions for engine power applications secure excellent reliability and long-term high performance.

  • Easy installation saves time & money
  • Smart technology allows flexible operation, designed for frequent and quick ramp ups
  • Effective operation with minimized capacity loss between off-service cleanings
  • Vibration and pulsation resistant structure
  • Compact design with flexibility for layout adaptation; perfect for retrofit installations as well

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Gas turbine waste heat recovery

Gas turbine plants are often designed for flexible operation. In both cogeneration and combined cycle applications, the entire system’s reactiveness to load changes is crucial. The faster the heat recovery steam generator’s (HRSG) ability to respond to the gas turbine’s ramp up in load, the higher the revenue of the plant.

Aalborg heat recovery solution optimized for gas turbine applications offers you a highly efficient system for sophisticated operation. Our compact and modular system is developed for quick installation and maximum uptime, and maintenance is scheduled to match the gas turbine overhauls. Our solutions enable you to start earning faster.


  • Designed for fast start-ups and flexible operation
  • Optimized footprint and compact customizable layout; perfect for retrofit installations as well
  • Modular system design for reduced installation time and costs
  • Flexible scope including concept development, engineering consulting and delivery including items from gas turbine outlet to exhaust gas stack

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Process flue gas waste heat recovery

Industrial plants often waste remarkable amounts of heat. Capturing and utilizing this energy creates significant earning possibilities and positive impact for environment. With the highly efficient Aalborg heat recovery solution optimized for process flue gas, you can recover and use the waste heat from your industrial plant. The increase in plant efficiency and reduction of emissions often result in payback time calculated in months rather than in years.

This valuable waste heat can be recovered and used for the plant’s own needs or by any other heat consumer, like steam turbine or district heating network. Plant’s own needs can vary from steel sheet cleaning and heating purposes, or heating up fuel and reducing wetness, hence improving the combustion in the kiln and its overall efficiency. However the recovered heat is used, it results in energy savings and improved sustainability.

  • Increasing plant efficiency
  • Tailored; beneficial especially in retrofit cases and easily integrated without effects to industrial process
  • Flexible design & scope and engineering consulting
  • Earning potential from free source of energy, selling heat to a neighbor plant or heat network

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Steel process

Downstream steel processes, especially reheating and heat treatment furnaces, offer potential for flue gas waste heat recovery even after recuperation.

Cement Factory 2_640px_mag_.png
Cement process

Cement processing is very energy intensive, where a majority of energy consumption is covered by thermal energy (75%), mainly in kiln fuel combustion. Main waste heat recovery opportunities provide hot flue gases from the preheater and hot vent air from the clinker cooler.

Optimized scope of supply

Our solutions are well suited for both new and existing plants via retrofit. We supply solutions with optimized delivery scope according to the customers’ preferences and needs; from main equipment to onsite works.

Our solutions are built with your needs in mind:

  • Modular system design for reduced transportation and installation time and costs
  • Minimized footprint and compact customizable layout
  • Tailor-engineered and optimized systems, designed for fast start-ups and flexible operation
  • Flexible scope including feasibility studies and concept development, engineering consulting, and delivery including items from upstream exhaust inlet to stack
  • Hot water and steam cycle items including also modularized steam turbine solutions

We support and help you throughout the entire investment lifecycle. 


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Alfa Laval offers a wide range of services to land-based power plant systems. By regular site audits together with correct spare parts and training, you are not only ensuring optimal plant operation but also securing system efficiency and safety. We are continually developing our systems which enable upgrades to keep safety and efficiency at best possible levels for the whole lifetime of your steam system.

Service includes

  • Condition audits
  • Upgrades
  • Spare parts
  • Trainings

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