Ten top tips for Vortex Shear-Mixer to ensure fast and trouble free fluid mixing


Rule of thumb, PSI pressure reading at the mixer should be MORE THAN 6 X fluid ppg (pounds per gallon density) Providing recommended 115 feet of head delivers peak mixing performance.

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Ensure that all installation and operating conditions follow recommended best practices from user manual.

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Ensure fluid flow is fully open and has isolated path with no restrictions or deviations from pump to shear-mixer to pit discharge, upstream and downstream of the shear-mixer.

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In discharge piping from the mixer, have uninterrupted straight pipe length of 6 X the pipe diameter: no valves or pipe fittings.

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Before mixing, check that all chemical feed and hopper valves are securely closed.

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Before adding chemical into the shear-mixer, check pressure and vacuum gauge readings for recommended values.

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Always OPEN chemical feed valves FURTHEST from the mixer first, then open in order towards the mixer. Always CLOSE chemical feed valves CLOSEST to mixer first, then close remaining valves.

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When using the Pre-Mixer, refer to user manual for accurately setting the flow using the 2 inch valve in the bypass line.

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When chemical mixing is complete and chemical valves are tightly closed, allow the mixing manifold and shear-mixer to flow for several minutes.

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Regularly inspect the replaceable Lobestar mixing nozzle for wear.

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