PureBallast 3 Computer-based training

Learning goals

You will have a practical familiarity with PureBallast 3 and its integration with the vessel’s piping and tanks. The course allows you to explore and operate a computer-simulated PureBallast 3 system, learning how to start processes and attend to alarms.

The e-learning course is intended as a complement to face-to-face instruction, which is always recommended for in-depth PureBallast 3 crew training.

Target group





1-1.5 hours

Course content

PureBallast 3 Computer-based training (CBT) is an online/offline training tool that introduces the PureBallast 3 system layout and provides an overall understanding of how to navigate the control system. It comprises three different modules:

  • Self-study covering the problem of invasive species, ballast water management, PureBallast 3 components and PureBallast 3 operation
  • 3D simulation of PureBallast 3 and its operation
  • Self-assessment

Additional notes

As an e-learning tool, available 24/7 from anywhere in the world, PureBallast 3 CBT makes it easier to determine, improve and maintain crew competence levels with regard to ballast water treatment. In this way, it helps ship owners and operators maximize the return on their equipment investment and feel confident in adhering to IMO and USCG legislation.



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