Alfa Laval digital services for boilers

Digitization can help crews and fleet superintendents manage their boilers more effectively. Alfa Laval Digital Services for Aalborg Boilers connect the boiler on your vessel with the Alfa Laval Cloud and Alfa Laval boiler experts.

Digital services for marine boiler

Connecting boilers with service expertise


  • Data-driven way to secure boiler uptime
  • Improve boiler performance 
  • Lower boiler operating costs
  • By creating a digital connection between your boiler systems and our expertise, you and your crew can benefit directly from our deep boiler knowledge.


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The Digital Services built on the portal are available in two offer packages

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Alfa Laval Aalborg Digital Services for boilers provides remote boiler support to the crew on board. Our marine connectivity services ensure the best performance of your boiler system.



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This is how Alfa Laval enables connectivity on board


All it takes is a small installation and secure access via your vessel’s satellite connection. Our experts collaborate with your crew, using your boiler’s data and Alfa Laval knowledge to protect and improve boiler operations. Are you interested in more details? Contact our 24/7 service hotline.

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Digital expertise for boilers

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