PureBallast 3

Alfa Laval PureBallast 3 is an automated inline ballast water treatment system for biological disinfection of ballast water. Operating without chemicals, it combines initial filtration with UV treatment to remove organisms in accordance with stipulated limits.

PureBallast 3 Ultra

Get total solutions in ballast water treatment

  • Superior performance in any waters – and challenging conditions
  • Minimized power consumption
  • Easy installation with minimized footprint
  • Delivered Connectivity-ready
  • Designed and supported for the whole vessel lifetime

PureBallast 3 treats ballast water without chemicals, combining high-performance filtration with enhanced UV treatment. In the UV reactor(s), specially designed synthetic quartz lamp sleeves transmit an extended wavelength spectrum that provides more UV light. Together with the internal reactor design, this ensures optimal UV dosage with very low energy consumption. An expanded range of reactor sizes further reduces power needs in specific configurations. 

PureBallast 3 Ultra

PureBallast 3 Ultra  

PureBallast 3 Ultra offers unmatched biological disinfection performance in any type of water: fresh, brackish or marine. An expanded range of UV reactor sizes ensures a close match between PureBallast 3 Ultra and the ballast pump capacity. For certain flows, this reduces power needs by up to 19% over previous systems. System layout is simplified by the smaller design of the upgraded filter, as well by the integration of the Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) unit and pressure monitoring device into the UV reactor module. 

PureBallast 3 Ultra is available for delivery from Q3, 2025  

Ballast water flows of 42–3000 m3/h 

Option: ATEX and IECEX. Zone 1, IIC and T4 with power supply placed in safe zone) 

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Alfa Laval PureBallast 3 ballast water management system matching your needs 

Our portfolio for deliveries before Q3, 2025

pureballast_compact_system640x360.jpgPureBallast 3 Compact

is a skid-mounted solution for smaller ballast water flows. Installation is easy due to the small footprint and minimized pipework.

Ballast flow 32-300 m3/h 

  • Skid-mounted, plug-and-play module 
  • Flexible placed electrical cabinet 


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PureBallast 3 Compact Flex

is the ideal choice for most vessels. Delivered as loose components, it maximizes space savings and installation flexibility 

Ballast flow 32-1000 m3/h 

  • Complete installation freedom 
  • Minimized system footprint 



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Alfa Laval PureBallast 3.jpgPureBallast 3 Std

Provides widest range of reactor configurations and technical opportunities on vessels with non-hazardous environments. 

Ballast flow 500-3000 m3/h 

  • Maximum range of operation and component placement
  • Up to 6000 m3/h with dual system 



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Alfa Laval PureBallast 3.jpgPureBallast 3 Ex

gives vessels with explosive environments redundant safety features and high flexibility. The power supply can be placed outside the hazardous zone.  

Ballast flow 250-3000 m3/h 

  • ATEX and IECEX. Zone 1, IIC and T4
  • Up to 6000 m3/h with dual system


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Class certifications

Both standard and Ex versions of PureBallast have been certified by the major classification societies


  • American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
  • Bureau Veritas (BV)
  • China Classification Society (CCS)
  • Korean Register of Shipping (KR)
  • Lloyd’s Register (LR)
  • Polish Register of Shipping (PRS)
  • Registro Italiano Navale (RINA)
  • Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS) 
  • Vietnam Register (VR)

* PureBallast 3 Ultra uses the same treatment technology as type-approved PureBallast 3 systems. Updated type approvals are in progress due to the new configurations. 

Our ballast water management system treatment solution

Ballast water treatment should be simple and safe. Alfa Laval PureBallast 3 is chemical-free, compact and easy to use, and it has the flexibility to meet your specific needs. 

PureBallast system EC LDC

System overview

PureBallast 3 combines initial filtration with enhanced UV treatment in a specially designed reactor.

  • UV for biological disinfection
  • Filtration
  • Integrated Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) unit 
  • Electric Cabinet and or lamp drive cabinet, and or Control cabinet
  • A broad range of auxiliary equipment available to support integration into any vessel including backflush pumps, sampling points, valve packages and remote-control panels.

Clear benefits for UV performance with Cleaning-in-Place

UV ballast water treatment systems are chemical-free and pose no risk to the ballast water tanks. However, they depend on regular cleaning to remove seawater scaling and fouling from the UV lamp sleeves and sensors. In PureBallast 3, cleaning is done through gentle, automated Cleaning-In-Place (CIP). 

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PureBallast Connect digital services

Digital services, enabled by connectivity, are the way forward for marine equipment. PureBallast Connect is a digital service package that helps you get even more value from your PureBallast systems, by providing smart ways to reduce your OPEX. Find out how PureBallast Connect can help maximize system uptime, reduce workload and enable fleet-wide optimization.


PureBallast Compliance Service Package​

One package with all that you need​. The PureBallast Compliance Service Package is a complete service solution. For one minimal fee, you get everything you need to be certain of compliance. Together, the components of the PureBallast Compliance Service Package ensure healthy operations and peace of mind – with a predictable preventive maintenance cost.

Compliance 640x360

Compliance depends on crew knowledge

Training is a prerequisite for optimizing the performance of your equipment and safeguarding your investment. In the case of your ballast water treatment system, it also safeguards your compliance. Having the right ballast water treatment system is only one part of securing compliance. The crew must also be able to use it – safely, correctly and efficiently.

PureBallast training 4 640x360

Satisfied customers in PureBallast compliance

PureBallast 3 systems enter Briese Group’s fleet

Briese Group, Germany provides custom marine transport solutions to a wide range of customers. Having selected Alfa Laval PureBallast 3 for roughly 100 vessels, they feel secure in Alfa Laval’s expertise and flexibility – which proved valuable during first installations at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ballast water treatment

Star Bulk to install PureBallast 3 bulker-fit configurations

Six of Star Bulk’s bulkers have already been retrofitted with Alfa Laval PureBallast 3 systems for ballast water treatment. Pursuant to a new agreement entered into with Alfa Laval, PureBallast 3 systems with bulker-fit configurations will now be retrofitted on 37 other Star Bulk vessels.

Star Bulk bulker

PureBallast 3 on ice-classed LNG RoRos for WALLENIUS SOL

WALLENIUS SOL is establishing an open cargo liner service for industries around the northern Baltic Sea. The company’s unique new LNG-fuelled Mega RoRo vessels – which will have ice class 1A Super – will use PureBallast 3 for ballast water treatment. In time, so will the rest of the fleet.

Wallenius SOL vignette