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The Alfa Laval BRTB system is a standardized cross-flow membrane filtration system which is specifically designed for the brewing industry. The system provides a straightforward solution to both recover beer and concentrate the surplus yeast at the same time. The Alfa Laval BRTB system is available in three standard sizes with capacities between 165 and 750 hl/day of recovered beer in either continuous or batch process modes

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The Alfa Laval BRTB (Beer Recovery Tank Bottom) system is supplied as a skid-mounted plant for microfiltration with pre-assembled components and prefabricated piping. The hearth of the system is the loop section containing up an Alfa Laval plate-and-frame module, type M39H, with up to 90 m² of membrane area.

The Alfa Laval module M39H/L has been developed specifically for cross-flow filtration of medium to high viscosity products that contain suspended solids. The open channel design results in good flow dynamics under operation at low pressure. This also minimizes energy consumption. Alfa Laval BRTB system

The Alfa Laval BRTB system is ready for operation as soon as it is installed and connected to external supply systems. It offers easy, reliable operation along with straightforward maintenance thanks to its pre-assembled and frame-mounted setup. This helps keep downtime to a minimum. 

The piping and most of the main auxiliary equipment such as pump, plate heat exchanger, valves etc. are all manufactured by Alfa Laval. This provides significant advantages in terms of effective service and reduced spare parts inventory.

  • plate-and-frame system with open channels that ensures high efficiency flow dynamics
  • microfiltration membranes with good retention of both yeast and other micro-organisms, along with a high extract permeability
  • modular design that is easy to extend
  • low operating and membrane replacement cost
  • fully automated 24 hour/day system with maximum utilization and accurate yield control through automatically controlled continuous or batch processing
  • recovery of high quality beer from surplus yeast due to no oxygen pick-up
  • gentle handling of yeast
  • minimum autolysis by tank to tank operation
  • main components are manufactured by Alfa Laval
  • compatible with commercially available cleaning agents
  • all piping and equipment in contact with the product or cleaning liquids are of sanitary-level design. AISI 316L stainless steel parts

How it works

Flow chart BRTB.png
Control system

The Alfa Laval BRTB (Beer Recovery Tank Bottom) system features completely automated operation via the easy-to-use MemProC® control system. This includes separate modes for selecting production, cleaning, disinfection and water recirculation operations, complete with all the necessary sub-sequences. This ensures safe and reliable operation of the entire system.

Membrane loops

The feed product is introduced into the feed tank system by the level control valve and pumped to a number of membrane filtration stages connected in series (loops). Each loop consists of a number of Alfa Laval plate-and-frame modules of the type M39H containing Alfa Laval flat sheet membranes for microfiltration. These membranes permit 50-60% of the surplus yeast - equivalent to approx. 2% of the total beer production - to be filtered out and recovered as high quality beer with no oxygen pick-up. During this process the yeast cells are concentrated up to a level of 20% dry matter as they pass through one loop after the other.

Pump and cooling system

In each loop, the recirculation pump system provides the membranes with the cross-flow rate that is appropriate for keeping fouling to a minimum, balanced against the overall capacity of the system. The unit also contains a cooling system for removal of any heat generated by the pumps.

Tank system

The permeate collected from the loops enters the permeate tank system where it is discharged upstream or downstream for either recycling or disposal via a drain system.

Flow rate control

The retentate flow rate output is normally controlled by a flow ratio system (VCF value) or by an optional refractometer/density in-line instrument to obtain the desired product concentration or volume reduction.

Product displacement and CIP

When a production cycle has been completed, the product is displaced out of the sytem by water to ensure maximum product recovery. This displacement sequence is followed by a water flushing stem to remove any product left behind on the membrane surface. Finally, a CIP sequence is conducted to clean the membranes and the loops.

Alfa Laval membrane filtration system

Membrane technology from Alfa Laval

Membrane filtration complements the range of other separation technologies offered by Alfa Laval. This ensures that we are always in a position to provide you with the ideal solution for your particular process. By using membrane filtration alone or in combination with our range of centrifuges, decanters or evaporators.

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