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Minimal MBR maintenance

Alfa Laval’s MBR membrane modules have the lowest maintenance requirements on the market, both in terms of cleaning and equipment service.

Alfa Laval MBR natural efficiency


The ultra-low transmembrane pressure and absence of pore fouling means very little cleaning is needed. During normal operation it is enough with a 2 minute relaxation period every 10 minutes for the scouring air to remove the surface fouling.

There is no need for frequent backflushing or chemically enhanced backwashing – only a one to two hour CIP cleaning every two or three months. The time savings compared to other MBR systems are very large.

The long CIP cleaning cycles also brings the benefits of minimizing wear on the membranes and chemical usage. 

MBR membranes and equipment service

Our MBR systems are characterized by easy and infrequent service. All maintenance is performed with the membrane modules in the tank. There is no need to ever remove the modules from the tank during their lifetime.

Since Alfa Laval MBR membranes operate using gravity and air lift there are no water or sludge pumps that need servicing. It is only the valves, CIP pump and air blower that needs occasional service.

If you need to replace the membranes in a module at the end of their lifetime, you will find that our new QuickSwap design facilitates this work greatly. All the membranes in a module are mounted in a cassette and you just lower the tank level and replace the entire membrane cassette.

Read more about QuickSwap here 

The modular design means you only need 1.3 m clearance over the tank edge to lift the modules in place during installation. This is valuable if your MBR is indoors and space is limited.


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Performance Agreements

With an Alfa Laval Performance Agreement, you have guaranteed performance and the full support of our team of MBR experts. Learn more about our Performance Agreements on our Partnership page. 

Extending performance

A year in the life of an Alfa Laval MBR

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