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Membrane bioreactors ─ the holistic solution for wastewater treatment and reuse

Membrane bioreactor technology is a future-proof solution for treatment of both municipal and industrial wastewater. It allows you to maximize resource recovery, minimize costs and implement a circular-economy perspective in your operations. Alfa Laval’s membrane modules for bioreactors bring together the advantages of hollow fibre and flat sheet technologies. Combining our unique LowResist™, S Aerator™ and QuickSwap™ technologies, our systems offer a range of benefits for MBR processes.

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Excellent water quality with a membrane bioreactor

One of the biggest advantages with a membrane bioreactor is the outstanding water quality of the effluent. With regulatory demands becoming stricter and stricter, you can rest assured that you have a future-proof solution when you invest in MBR membrane modules from Alfa Laval.

The membrane is an absolute, physical barrier that removes all bacteria and a number of other pathogens, as well as all microplastics, making it suitable for a number of beneficial re-use applications, for example irrigation.

An MBR system is also a great solution for removing compounds of emerging concern, micropollutants and pharmaceuticals from municipal and hospital wastewater.

Alfa Laval MBR membranes are California Title 22-accredited and have been proven totally effective in removing microplastic pollutants in recent studies of a wastewater treatment plant in Denmark. Therefore, you can be sure to meet your future operational needs and those of your local environment.

MBR membranes - low energy costs

Energy is the main cost of operating an MBR plant, making energy efficiency a primary concern. Alfa Laval MBR membranes offer market-leading performance at the lowest possible energy cost.

The unique LowResist™ design of our MBR membranes makes it possible to operate them using gravity as the only driving force, eliminating costs for pumping power.

Alfa Laval’s new S Aerator™ lets you optimize air scouring, and in turn the energy consumption for the air blower, without risking increased blockages in the aerator or increased membrane fouling.

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Minimal cleaning of the membrane module

The ultra-low trans-membrane pressure (TMP) that is the foundation of the LowResist membrane module technology minimizes fouling and in turn cleaning needs. The low TMP eliminates pore fouling which means the only cleaning an Alfa Laval MBR filter ever needs is relaxation/air scouring every 10 minutes and CIP 4-6 times per year. 

 In other words:

  • No backflushing
  • Low requirements for chemical backwash and no soakings in most cases
  • No need to ever remove the filter module from the tank during its lifetime
  • Minimal CIP
  • Minimal use of chemicals
  • Huge time savings
  • Less wear and tear on membranes and pumps

Easy, reliable operation

Every detail of an Alfa Laval MBR membrane system, has been designed and manufactured specifically for use in wastewater applications. There are no moving parts or valves in the sludge, and pump usage has been minimized. Nothing has been left to chance to secure maximum reliability and the lowest possible maintenance requirements.

There is no maintenance that will ever require you to remove the filter module from the bioreactor tank or to empty it. In case you need to replace a membrane, our unique QuickSwap system lets you do this in record time in the membrane tank. 

No advanced training for your personnel is required if you are revamping an existing wastewater treatment plant to MBR technology. All the technologies in our system will be familiar to your staff.

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CAPEX - Low investment cost

Alfa Laval MBR membranes offer maximum capacity in any available space. Regardless if you are building a new plant or upgrading an existing one, you will see that our solutions reduce capital expenditure (CAPEX).

New wastewater treatment plants

For new plants, you can save greatly on civil works by choosing Alfa Laval. The size of the tank can be smaller than for other MBR systems thanks to the high membrane density and ability to operate with a higher concentration of suspended solids. An Alfa Laval system can operate with up to 50% higher solids concentration than hollow fibre solutions, making it possible to use a smaller tank.

And with an Alfa Laval system, you don’t need to install pumps for sludge recirculation. We do this using air lift, meaning that the scouring air circulates the sludge. You will also save on pumps and piping thanks to the simplicity of the design of an Alfa Laval MBR membrane. Since the system can operate with gravity as the driving force, the CIP pump is the only pump you need.

Existing plants

For existing plants, the great flexibility of our MBR filtration system makes it possible to tailor it to any existing infrastructure. You can choose if you wish to let gravity drive the system or use low-energy permeate pumps. With our range of membrane modules in different sizes, we can pack maximum membrane capacity into your existing tank(s).

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