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PilotUnit Combi-50 UF/MF

The Alfa Laval PilotUnit Combi-50 UF/MF is a handy and versatile pilot-scale membrane system for ultrafiltration and microfiltration. With an Alfa Laval plate-and-frame module for flat sheet membranes and an Alfa Laval housing for spiral membranes, the system provides a perfect combination of two designs in one unit for cross-flow membrane filtration. The Combi-50 UF/MF is a popular choice for use in industries such as biotech and pharma, food and beverages as well as pulp and paper

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The Alfa Laval PilotUnit Combi-50 UF/MF is the ideal tool for selective flat sheet membrane screenings, pilot-scale spiral test work and small-scale production by means of ultrafiltration and microfiltration.

Complete pilot-scale system

The Alfa Laval PilotUnit Combi-50 UF/MF is a complete system holding an Alfa Laval plate-and-frame module, type either M37 or M38L/H, and an Alfa Laval housing, type M3.8-1-PN16, for one spiral membrane. The Combi-50 UF/MF unit further holds of a 65 litres feed tank, feed pump, motor starter and instrumentation. It needs only power supply, compressed air, water and feed product to operate.

The total flat sheet membrane area of the Alfa Laval PilotUnit Combi-50 UF/MF is up to 1.65 m² (module M37) or 2.25 m² (module M38L/H). The spiral membrane area is up to 7 m².


Alfa Laval module M37Alfa Laval module M38L/H

The Alfa Laval PilotUnit Combi-50 UF/MF is available with two alternative plate-and-frame modules, viz. the Alfa Laval module M37 for high viscosity products and fermentation broths, and the Alfa Laval module M38L/H for low to medium viscosity products.

For the Alfa Laval module M38L/H we offer two plate set options with either low or high plate channels which can be selected according to use.

The Alfa Laval PilotUnit Combi-50 UF/MF can be equipped with the entire range of flat sheet membranes and spiral membranes from Alfa Laval for ultrafiltration and microfiltration.

  • complete pilot-scale system with pump, valves, tank etc.
  • perfect combination of flat sheet and spiral wound designs
  • flexible membrane area between 0.15 m² and 7 m²
  • simultaneous testing of different membrane types
  • system configuration testing and comparison tests
  • product volumes ranging from 50 to 1,000 litres
  • quick and easy exchange of flat sheet and spiral membranes 
  • operation at pH 1-13, pressures up to 10 bar
  • different channel height options to optimize flow and pressure
  • low internal volume
  • flow pattern identical to full-scale systems
  • all components in compliance with FDA regulations, allowing use within food and pharmaceutical processing applications

How it works

Flow diagram_PilotUnit Combi-50 UF/MF

Flat sheet membrane options

The M37 or M38 plate-and-frame module in the Alfa Laval PilotUnit Combi-50 UF/MF is designed with open channels across the membrane surface. The feed stream/retentate flows through these.

The membrane itself is supported by hollow plates with numerous slots that allow the permeate to collect and be removed from the unit via the permeate collecting tubes.

Plate-and-frame units use the membrane itself, aided by lock strips, to seal off the feed/retentate from mixing into the permeate channels. This also prevents any leaks from the plate stack itself.

The plate-and-frame configuration is particularly suitable for testing a number of membranes simultaneously or when processing different product viscosities.

Spiral element options

The element housing in the Alfa Laval PilotUnit Combi-50 UF/MF is specially designed for Alfa Laval 3.8" ultrafiltration and microfiltration spiral elements with a full range of channel spacers for different product viscosities.

The flow configuration of the elements makes for reliable scale-up.

Flow diagram of Alfa Laval PilotUnit Combi-50 UF/MF

Small-scale and pilot laboratory equipment

Alfa Laval offers a wide range of small-scale and pilot laboratory plants based on either plate-and-frame modules or full-fit spiral elements - or a combination of both.

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