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Screw Press 40

The Alfa Laval Screw Press 40 is an innovative solution for simple, silent high-performance dewatering of water, wastewater and industrial slurries with minimal supervision and power consumption. It is easy to install, operate and maintain, and has a dewatering capacity of 10 m3/h digested sludge or 20 m3/h waste activated sludge (WAS).

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The new Alfa Laval Screw Press 40 has a number of new, innovative features, all focused on easy installation, operation and maintenance to keep installation costs and total cost of ownership down.

It serves midsize wastewater treatment plants and industrial customers that need a high performance, cost-efficient dewatering solution, also without previous thickening, to reduce sludge volume for lower transportation and disposal costs.

Lightweight and maintenance friendly

Alfa Laval Screw Press 40 lattice grid split screensA unique, patent pending frame with a special lattice grid structure ensures a very high structural strength with much less steel than a traditional screw press design. A light, planetary gearbox enables a very high torque with low power consumption. Screw Press 40 therefore has a remarkably low weight and does not require a reinforced foundation, thus keeping the installation costs down.

Split screens that offer much better access than traditional screw press designs. This simplifies maintenance and keeps downtime and costs to a mimimum.
The moderate rotational speed results in an extremely low noise, vibration and power consumption level.

  • Easy to install, operate and maintain
  • High performance and uptime
  • Low weight = low installation costs
  • Cleaning during operation
  • Simple, on-site maintenance with split screens
  • Low noise, power demand and operational costs
  • Polymer mixing valve included

How it works

Dewatering takes place in an inclined drum with a wedge wire screen forming the cylinder wall, and an internal screw conveyor. Polymer is dosed and mixed in the dedicated Alfa Laval Polymer Mixing Valve. The flocculated sludge suspension is then led into the screw press’ inlet and to the first drum section for drainage of free water. Gradually, the sludge suspension increases in dry solids content as it enters into the pressure zone of the drum. By virtue of the counter-pressure created by a restricted outlet, more free water is released from the sludge cake as it progresses towards the outlet. The released water is drained off to the reject-water (filtrate) outlet under the feed inlet.

Alfa Laval controls ensure consistent continuous operation with minimal need for supervision.

Alfa Laval Screw Press 40 components

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