High performance separators for continuous pulp removal in tropical fruit and citrus juice processing

Purepulp range of separators is developed specifically for continuous depulping of citrus juice and they are also used in general beverage processing with focus on tropical fruit. These separators are providing customers with a unique solution of continuous pulp removal. Among the benefits of Purepulp separators: patented hermetic design, precise control of product consistency and quality, minimized aroma losses and extremely low oxidation.

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Hermetic centrifuges for efficient and gentle removal of pulp from citrus juices

  • Minimized oxidation
  • Hermetic design to preserve aromas and flavours
  • Smooth product treatment
  • Minimal product losses - precise split of juice and pulp
  • Efficient removal of heavy particles and black specks

Purepulp centrifuges are specially designed to handle high levels of pulp and solids content during the separation process. Hermetic design allows to minimize oxidation and foaming of the product and helps to drastically reduce processing time. Another important benefit of hermetic design is possibility to preserve valuable aromas and flavors, which is essential for producing premium quality juices. The other advantages of centrifuges Purepulp, such as: flexibility, versatility, ability to process different kinds of fruit mash and low service cost make them indispensable for demanding industries, such as citrus processing.


PurePulp range

For continuous removal of highly concentrated pulp from tropical fruit and citrus juices

PurePulp 250

Purepulp centrifuge for citrus juice and tropical fruit processing

  • For smaller size citrus juice processing plants
  • Zero oxidation
  • Preservation of aromas and shear sensitive particles

PurePulp 450

PurePulp 450 - centrifuge for citrus juice processing and pulp removal

  • Centrifuge for medium size citrus processing plant
  • Zero oxidation
  • Preservation of shear sensitive particles and aromas


PurePulp 750

PurePulp 750 - industrial centrifuge for citrus juice processing and pulp removal

  • For larger citrus processing plants
  • Zero oxidation
  • For processing of large pulp volumes

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