High performance separators for de-oiling and peel oil recovery of citrus juice

This range of separators is especially tailored for delicate separation tasks within beverage processing such as gentle de-oiling and peel oil recovery from citrus products. Their well-known hermetic design assures zero oxidation, maximized product yield and quality, gentle product handling and considerable reduction of power consumption. Fully automated, flexible and hermetic, CR separators ensure best product quality and exceptional plant reliability with maximum effective production time.

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Squeeze new possibilities for your production

  • Maximized oil recovery yield
  • Enhanced separation performance
  • Very gentle product treatment
  • Hygienic design, easier cleaning (CIP)
  • High flexibility and control over process variations

Hermetic design of CR separators gives several important benefits for your plant. Firstly, it helps to improve yield which translates into getting the most out of your raw material and boosting the market price for your products. Secondly, it allows to minimize the power consumption to the lowest possible. Finally, it allows you to keep the maintenance costs down.


CR series

The CR separators are developed for general use in the food and beverage industries and other hygienic applications. They are specially designed for three phase separation duties like de-oiling and oil recovery. They are typically used in citrus juice de-oiling, specially orange juices, and cold pressed peel oil concentration and polishing

CR 250

CR 250 - a centrifuge for citrus processing and orange juice

  • Capacity: up to 180 h/l
  • Gentle product handling and preservation of aroma 
  • Low power consumption, environmentally friendly
  • For small to medium size production plants

CR 450

CR 450 - hermetic centrifuge for citrus processing

  • Capacity: up to 550 hl/h
  • Zero oxidation
  • Preservation of shear sensitive particles and aromas
  • Suitable for middle-size production plant

CR 750

Cr 750 - hermetic centrifuge for citrus juice processing and citrus oil recovery

  • Capacity: up to 1000 hl/h
  • For premium quality products production
  • Simple to operate with low maintenance cost
  • For larger volumes and large size production plants

CR 250 - for top performace, high quality and yield increase

Learn how a family owned company in Italy came across Alfa Laval's CR 250 centrifuge for citrus processing and how this equipment is helping their factory to reduce energy use and increase the quality of the product.

The Separator Innovator

Would you like to know more about our innovations in separation technology? Click on the link below. Alfa Laval invented the first disc stack separator and has led the way in the development of centrifuge technology for over a century. We are glad to share with you the expertise we have gained along the way. Visit our Separator Innovator knowledge base to learn more about advancements in separation and the steps Alfa Laval is taking to continue revolutionizing the technology.

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