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Don't waste a drop! Recovering beer from surplus yeast by BRUX 510 nozzle separator.

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In general, breweries produce an excess of yeast that corresponds to 2-4% of their total production volume. When collected from the fermentation vessels, this surplus yeast still contains significant quantities of beer.

Therefore, we designed a unique innovative system, BRUX 510, to recover this beer effectively, paving the way to a notable boost in profits.

The BRUX 510 module guarantees

• recovered beer of excellent quality due to the gentle yeast treatment
• drier waste yeast
• continuous process
• simple design with only limited space requirements
• rapid payback
• low power consumption

How it works

The yeast is forced to the periphery of the BRUX 510 separator. 

From there, it is pushed through special concentrate
tubes towards the centre, from which it leaves the separator under pressure, via a built-in paring tube.

The separator is also equipped with special vortex nozzles that automatically regulate the flow of the concentrate.


Vortex nozzles principle

Reduced yeast throughput-                     Higher yeast throughput- 
lower inlet concentration                         higher inlet concentration

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