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Flexitherm is a process module designed for pasteurization of beer and other carbonated beverages. It offers accurate control of all pasteurization parameters to ensure a uniform and consistent product treatment.

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Flexitherm is a self-contained process module, pre-assembled and factory tested before delivery. It is designed for CIP and in compliance with food industry regulations, all components in contact with the process liquids are made of stainless steel with heat resistant seals.

The benefits of the Flexitherm are

  • Developed in cooperation with the brewing industry
  • Automatic control and “plug-and-play” concept ensures a minimum of site work
  • Sanitary and compact design with low maintenance demand
  • Stable and reliable operation that ensures gentle and consistent product treatment / pasteurization units (PU)
  • Low hold-up volume in the PHE ensuring minimum loss of beer
  • Glue free Clip-on gaskets
  • Low energy consumption with up to 94-95% of heat recovery
  • Ease of operation

How it works


FLEXITHERM is a plate heat exchanger (PHE) pasteurizer system used for eliminating or reducing the number of live micro-organisms in the product with the aim of improving microbiological stability and to increase shelf life of the product.

The required heat treatment is achieved through a combination of temperature and holding time. In the PHE, the cold, unpasteurized beer is heated to the pasteurization temperature in two steps. The flow of the FLEXITHERM can be adjusted in order to cater for variation in filling machine demand. Recirculation of the product can be avoided by uitilizing a pasteurized beer tank.

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