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Flexitherm Core

Flexitherm Core is standardised modules for pasteurisation of beer and beverages. Flexitherm technology is widely considered the solution of choice for making sure that hygienically packaged perishable beverages, whether carbonated or not, have a long shelf life. Alfa Laval provides a range of standardised Flexitherm Core pasteurisation modules pre-engineered with mainstream process design configurations and automation setups that are the ideal match for pre-defined sets of operating conditions.

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The standardised configurations in the Flexitherm Core range are designed to cover the vast majority of normal pasteurisation capacity requirements between 40 and 400 hl/hour.
Each configuration is optimized to efficiently deliver a constant pasteurisation effect (selectable from 10–100 units) at variable flow, based on the following operating conditions:

  • Product inlet/outlet temperatures and pressures of 2°C and 200 kPa, respectively
  • CO2 content up to 6.0 g/litre
  • Pasteurization temperatures of 67–76°C
  • Holding time of 30 seconds at maximum capacity.

Pre-engineered advantages
Each Flexitherm Core module is a self-contained pasteurization unit that is pre-configured, pre-assembled and factory tested before delivery. These modules – conceived on the basis of “keep it simple” thinking – provide cost effective, pre-engineered solutions that ensure uncompromising performance and quality at relatively limited cost.


Flexitherm Core modules provide you with many clear-cut benefits:

  • Stable product treatment even during variable flow
  • Capacity turndown of up to 50% from the nominal
  • Reliable PU control system that ensures consistent pasteurization
  •  Very low energy consumption
  • Standardized plug-in design ensures quick, on-time delivery
  • Pre-assembly and factory testing of the frame-mounted module
  • Exceptional reliability and low maintenance requirements, keeping downtime to a bare minimum
  • A state-of-the-art automated control system provides exceptional production efficiency and minimizes production losses
  • Straightforward integration of the automated control system to a larger scale monitoring system
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