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Beer Cooler

Pre-assembled module for the cooling of greenbeer during transfer from fermentation to storage. It can also be used for chilling of final beer before filtration or transfer to stabilisation tanks in the brewing process.

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The green beer or final beer is cooled in counter-current by means of circulating coolant. An internal coolant recirculation pump is included when required by the application. This will secure the smallest possible temperature difference between coolant and beer at all times.

Stoppages to the beer flow will be detected by a sanitary flow switch, allowing the system to immediately cease the cooling process and prevent freezing.

Control System
The Beer Cooler is supplied with a PID controller and relay panel controlling the plant operation. As an alternative the Beer Cooler can be supplied with PLC.



  • Compact and sanitary design
  • PHE with easy-service Clip-On gaskets
  • Minimised risk of freezing the beer
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