Alfa Laval Alhop Dry Hopping System is a stand-alone unit for medium size breweries that accelerates and facilitates the dry hopping/cold hopping process that is becoming increasingly popular through the growing interest in IPA beer types.

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Enhanced yield and taste stability as well as reduced use of hops

  • Fast and efficient extraction rate owing to dynamic agitation
  • High product throughput while no risk of clogging thanks to the cross flow process
  • Simple and automatable system
  • Minimal introduction of hop solids into the tank
  • Reduced product losses

How it works


After their introduction in the Alhop, the hop pellets are disaggregated in the beer and kept homogenized in the cross flow recirculation loop. While the Alhop is continuously fed with beer, dry hopped beer flows continuously out through the specifically designed strainer. 

Once the extraction process is over, the beer trapped in the system is recovered by concentration and diafiltration process. For alpha acids recovery, the hop slurry is further washed off with deaerated water (DAW) to end with a pumpable suspension of hops in DAW.

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