Iso-Mix Mini

The Alfa Laval Iso-Mix Mini system is a unique mobile solution for breweries that are seeking straightforward, cost-effective solutions to expand capacity, reduce process time and improve consistency in the preparation of soft drinks, deaeration, carbonation and dosing of syrups and flavours.


Efficient and consistent mixing for a range of tank sizes and applications

  • Automated batch control for precise and efficient ingredient dosing in simple tanks
  • Fast and homogeneous mixing of ingredients
  • Multiple use – dosing, mixing and gas addition all take place in one tank
  • Effective CIP of tank and module system using Rotary Jet Mixer
  • Convenient to use – mobile, prefabricated module (with all necessary pumps, valves and instruments) can be removed when not in use

Alfa Laval Iso-Mix Mini systems for batch preparation are based on revolutionary and patented Rotary Jet Mixer technology and fit a range of tank sizes. They are suitable for fermentation, deaerated water production, yeast management, mixing, blending and other applications related to batch preparation. They keep the yeast in the desired state of suspension, at all times ensuring the best possible contact between extract and yeast.

How it works


The Iso-Mix Mini module is installed together with an Alfa Laval Rotary Jet Mixer for the batch preparation of smaller volumes of blended beverages.

The module contains two LKH centrifugal pumps: the main pump which circulates the tank contents through the mixer, and a dosing pump used to add liquid ingredients during circulation.

A batch dosing system controls the dosing pump and valve and ensures precise dosing of the required liquid volume. The module can also be used for gas dosing using a manually controlled gas-addition point and gas flow meter on the discharge side of the circulation pump.

The Rotary Jet Mixer ensures rapid mixing and dispersion of all ingredients throughout the tank. The mixer can also be used for CIP of the tank and piping.

The module is available wheel-mounted so that it can be easily moved to and from the tank as required. Both hard piping and flexible hoses can be used to connect to the process.

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