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Yeast propagation plant

For batch-wise propagation of yeast culture under sterile conditions with the purpose of renewing the yeast supply. The single (or multi) vessel propagation plant requires initial inoculation with laboratory-propagated yeast at each propagation. Inoculation using a Carlsberg Flask is foreseen.

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The plant consists of specially designed and manufactured propagation vessels with unique top plates comprising all the necessary equipment for complete sanitary operation such as pressure regulator, pressure relief valve, anti-vacuum valve, level probe and aeration lance with air dissolver or, for larger tanks, hollow shaft mixers.



  • Aeration device for unstressed yeast with maximum vitality and viability
  • All process valves and fittings are uniquely designed for propagation
  • Lower investment cost in the case of single-vessel plants
  • A reliable and safe supply of uninfected, freshly propagated yeast
  • Easy operation and well proven technology
  • Flexibility for propagating different strains of yeast when needed
  • Batch process to match one brew without internal plant transfers
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