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The Aeropitch module is designed to continuously aerate, oxygenate and pitch cold wort with yeast prior to fermentation.

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Air or oxygen is injected in the wort line directly, without the need for a porous disc or sinter candle. The desired aeration rate is set at the control panel. The flow meters in the wort and air pipes measure the actual flows. A specially designed mixer / accelerator ensures that the oxygen dissolves rapidly into the product by a combination of turbulent flow and increased pressure. The desired air / wort ratio is pre-selected, with any variations in the actual ratio corrected by a gas-modulating valve.


Yeast Pitching
Yeast is pitched according to the reading from the yeast flowmeter and data input by the operator i.e. pitching rate, concentration in yeast slurry and amount of wort to be pitched. An optional in-line yeast analyser can measure the yeast viability, eliminating the inaccuracies involved in laboratory analysis of the yeast slurry. The unit automatically calculates and pitches the required amount of yeast.

The module has two modes of pitching

  1.  Batch pitching, where yeast is batch pitched (fixed yeast flow rate) into the wort during a period of the wort transfer.
  2.  Continuous pitching, where yeast is pitched continuously (variable flow rate with frequency controlled pump) during the entire wort transfer period.


The Aeropitch module is fully automatic with a PLC controlling the plant operation.


Some of the relevant process data displayed are:

  • Actual / set-point aeration / pitching values
  • Yeast and wort line flow rates
  • Controller settings
  • Alarm status
  • Accumulated yeast and wort amounts
  • Selected yeast type



  • Static mixers providing efficient dissolving
  • Automatic dosing / pitching control
  • Sterile gas filter
  • Holding tube
  • Pressure control during aeration
  • Low maintenance
  • Compact and sanitary design
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