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Aldox Core

Pre-engineered ALDOX units configured to ensure efficient production of high-quality deaerated and carbonated water under normal processing conditions.

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Efficient, standardized water deaeration capabilities

World-renowned ALDOX water deaeration systems have long been the technology of choice for producing prime-quality oxygen-free water for use in brewing and beverages.

The ALDOX range now includes pre-engineered, off-the-shelf ALDOX Core deaeration units. These feature all the benefits of ALDOX process know-how, with pre-set and factory-tested set-ups that have proven ideal for most normal operating conditions.

Keep it simple – get it running

The ALDOX Core range of pre-engineered water deaeration systems enables you to ”keep it simple” and avoid over-specifying.

This uniquely cost-effective approach keeps your investment to a minimum, and makes it possible to get a water deaeration system that operates at peak efficiency as soon as it is delivered and installed. This does away with costly, time-consuming running-in and commissioning procedures.

Low costs – maximum effect

All this, combined with the documented low operating costs of ALDOX solutions, enables you to minimize the total cost of ownership for water deaeration equipment.

How it works

Three models – three purposes

Pre-engineered ALDOX Core systems currently include the following models, each designed to meet a specific set of standardized processing requirements:

  • ALDOX-SBD exclusively for water deaeration
  • ALDOX-SAD for a combination of water deaeration and cooling
  • ALDOX–SPD for the full package of water deaeration, pasteurization and cooling

A range of pre-defined, factory-installed options is available for each model, to provide additional functionality.

How it works

ALDOX Coresystems are self-contained deaeration modules that are pre-configured and pre-assembled, and then also factory tested before delivery.

The ALDOX column removes the oxygen from the incoming water, which is routed via the liquid distributor at the top of the column. The high desorption of oxygen is achieved by using carbon dioxide as the stripping gas over a packed bed, at atmospheric pressure. The specially developed internal packing material makes sure of the largest possible surface area over which the liquid and gas can make contact.

Exceptional efficiency

This deaeration technology results in exceptionally efficient oxygen removal, with very low gas consumption. 95% or more of the stripping gas entering the column is dissolved into the water, which reduces the need for additional carbonation of products such as high-gravity blended beer. The virtually oxygen-free water that results is collected at the bottom of the column.

Automated operation

Pre-engineered ALDOX Coresystems are all fully automated. A PLC system controls all the operations, monitored by a fail-safe system. Operators select a range of clearly defined functions via an easy-to-use colour touch panel.

All ALDOX Coreunits are also designed for CIP (Cleaning in Place) procedures. In compliance with food industry regulations, all components that come into contact with process liquids are made of stainless steel, with heat-resistant seals.

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