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Dealcoholisation module

Fully automated module that makes it easy to remove alcohol from beer at low temperature and pressure, using a single pass through a vertical stripping column.

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The Alfa Laval De-alcoholization Module makes it easy for breweries to produce beer with little or no alcohol content, with no big additional capital investments needed.

This is achieved by an innovative combination of Alfa Laval technologies, working in series as a well-integrated system. The beer is first degassed, with any condensable volatiles returned back to the beer stream. The alcohol in the beer is then stripped in a special vertical column in which culinary steam flows upwards in a near-vacuum. The alcohol content is removed as a vapour, which is condensed and collected.

This fully automated, energy-efficient module gives you reliable single-pass alcohol removal, using a stripping principle that’s exceptionally effective at low temperature and pressure. This does away with any need for recirculation, and keeps your operating costs to a bare minimum.

How it works

The alcohol present in the flow of feed beer is removed in a special vertical stripping column. This column makes it possible to achieve high desorption by flowing a stripping gas (culinary steam) up a tower of densely packed material under conditions that are close to a vacuum.

The production capacity is set by regulating the incoming beer flow prior to routing to the liquid distributor at the top of column. This distributor then disperses beer into the column, where it trickles downwards against the flow of the stripping gas injected at the base of the column and rising up through it.

The vapour stripped out of the beer consists of steam, alcohol and other volatiles. This vapour vents from the top of the column and a plate heat exchanger is then used to cool the vapour into an alcohol condensate stream (ATEX area). A final vacuum phase removes any remaining non-condensable volatiles. A glycol-side recirculation pump minimizes any risk of the stripped vapour stream freezing during condensing.

The vertical stripping column is densely packed with a special material proprietary to Alfa Laval. This material is designed to optimize the stripping process by maximizing the effective contact area between the beer and the stripping gas.

One key benefit of this stripping principle is its exceptionally effective alcohol removal at low temperature and pressure.This does away with any need for recirculation to achieve the required specifications for the final de-alcoholized beer.

If any additional stripping is required, for whatever reason, the system includes a recirculation loop for sending stripped beer back to the column. Stripping efficiency can also be boosted by regulating the temperature of the beer before it is passed into the column, or by altering the pressure in the system.

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