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Olmi urea stripper

Capable of withstanding the toughest process conditions, Alfa Laval Olmi urea strippers effectively remove carbamate and recycle uncoverted ammonia and carbon dioxide from the urea solution. Installed in the medium- and high-pressure synthesis section of urea plants, these vertical shell-and-tube heat exchangers with fixed tubesheets.

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Optimizing urea stripping processes

Cost-effective reuse of resources readily available in the urea production lines is critical to productivity and profitability. Alfa Laval Olmi urea strippers effectively remove carbamate and recyle unconverted ammonia and carbon dioxide for process reuse thereby reducing operating costs. These strippers are vertical shell-and-tube heat exchangers, with fixed tubesheets, where the urea solution flows on the tube side and the steam on the shell side.

Built tough

The Alfa Laval Olmi urea stripper stands up to high temperatures, high pressures and the strong corrosive action of the urea solution. Like Alfa Laval Olmi carbamate condensers, Olmi urea strippers are made of high quality urea-grade materials. These materials have excellent mechanical properties and withstand highly corrosive environments.

Advanced welding and production technology, fabrication techniques that meet international standards and special non-destructive examination (NDE) technology ensure equipment durability and long service life.


Every Alfa Laval Olmi urea stripper is tailored to your specific requirements and operating conditions. Alfa Laval puts our vast application knowledge and urea processing expertise behind all equipment and solutions we provide. This translates into low costs as well as high performance and higher yields.

Reliable operation

No matter how extreme the operating conditions, Alfa Laval Olmi urea strippers provide exceptional performance and reliable operation. With every urea stripper comes a broad range of services and support – from start-up and commissioning to repairs and reconditioning.

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