Customer stories

Year after year of robust performance

In 1993, a Japanese refinery installed an Alfa Laval Packinox combined feed/effluent heat exchanger in its CCR platforming unit. The heat exchanger has performed according to its original specifications ever since — for 27 years at the time of writing. There has never been any mechanical problems and the required maintenance has consisted of standard inspections and chemical cleanings at plant turnarounds.

Quick response ensured uptime

Technicians at a refinery in the USA detected a tightness issue in an Alfa Laval Packinox heat exchanger during a turnaround. Alfa Laval sent a supervisor and a welding expert to the site, and within ten days the heat exchanger was repaired and ready for recommissioning. This meant the plant could go back online as originally planned without delay.

Unipetrol, Czech Republic

“Over the years we have been very satisfied with the performance of our Packinox heat exchanger and the support we have received from Alfa Laval.” – Petr Mĕstka is Head of Technology and Research at Unipetrol

US Refinery, Gulf Coast

Read about the record short delivery time experienced by a US refinery when it replaced the plate bundle in its Packinox heat exchanger.

Refinery, Western Europe

Find out how a large oil and gas company ensured maximum flexibility, reliability and yield with the help of the Lifting Controller tool.