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Very competitive tap water system with remote control and class A pump that provides large quantities of Domestic Hot Water (DHW) for any collective application. Nominal capacities: 50-1000 kW.

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The AquaFirst range is an easy to install 'Plug & play' tap water system with a gasketed heat exchanger, a remote communication system, a 3-port control valve and 1 to 4 pump(s). 

The AquaFirst tap water range is available in 2 versions:

  1. direct version (no need for a storage tank) AquaFirst tap water system
  2. indirect version (storage tank required)

AquaFirst can be easily connected to any heating source like a 

  • local boiler
  • district heating network
  • primary tank
  • solar heating system.


AquaFirst is suitable for any collective building; apartement blocks, hospitals, nursery homes, hotels, schools and universities, leisure centres...

  • Very competitive price combined with staggering functionalities
  • Low energy class A pump(s) on primary
  • Remote communication with Building Management Systems (via ModBus)
  • Hot water in a split second thanks to fast response control valves

This range can be configured and selected using the AlfaSelect selection tool. Please contact Alfa Laval for more information.

Selection tables are available in the product leaflet.


Find everything you need for your HVAC application in Alfa Laval's HVAC handbook.

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