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The most energy-efficient tap water system ensuring the lowest return temperature on primary side. AquaEfficiency provides large quantities of Domestic Hot Water (DHW) for any collective application. Best savings if combined with a condensing boiler. Nominal capacities: up to 1200 kW

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The AquaEfficiency tap water range is available in 2 versions:

  1. direct version (no need for a storage tank) 
  2. indirect version (storage tank required)

and has the choice of 3 different heat exchangers:

  1. Gasketed plate heat exchangers; compact design with possibility to increase the capacity by adding plates
  2. Copper Brazed heat exchangers; the most cost effective, gasket-free solution offering extremely efficient heat transfer and reduced fouling due to thin plates and high speed in the channels
  3. AlfaNova® heat exchangers; a product made of 100% Stainless Steel, with the patented Fusion bonding - offering a gasket-free, extremely efficient heat transfer and reduced fouling, corrosion resistance and maximum cleanliness


AquaEfficiency is suitable for any collective building; apartement blocks, hospitals, nursery homes, hotels, schools and universities, leisure centres...



  • Optimum condensation if combined with condensing boiler
  • Good solution against scaling in hard water areas
  • ModBus RTU RS485 communication facility
  • Class A pump(s) on primary AND secondary 

This range can be configured and selected using the AlfaSelect selection tool. Please contact Alfa Laval for more information.

Selection curves and tables are available in the product leaflet.



Find everything you need for your HVAC application in Alfa Laval's HVAC handbook.

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