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Alfa Laval AlfaPilot is an intelligent flow control system that gives always priority to renewables before any use of fossil energy. This product can combined with Alfa Laval's tap water or comfort heating systems.

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AlfaPilot is an easy to install intelligent flow control system dedicated to renewable energy installations with ModBus controller. The working principle of this Multi-Energy Pilot is based on comparative temperature measurements in association with: 

Example of AlfaPilot in association with AquaEfficiency:



AlfaPilot is suitable for any collective building; apartement blocks, hospitals, nursery homes, hotels, schools and universities, leisure centres...

  • Ideal for heatpump or solar installation
  • Renewable energy source is always prioritised
  • Completely self-governing, always giving the optimum energy solution at any time
  • ModBus RTU RS 485 controller
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