Alfa Laval Mini City is an "All-in-one" unique tap water & space heating solution giving a maximum comfort with a minimum energy usage. The Heat Interface Unit (HIU) can be connected to district or local heating networks for indirect connection. Suitable for apartments and one-family houses. NOW AVAILABLE WITH CONNECTIVITY (see presentation in Product brochures).

The Mini City range supplies hot water to both the tap water & the space heating circuit. The space heating supply can be connected to radiators or to floor heating. On the primary side the unit can be connected either to district heating or to local heating networks. This unit has an indirect connection; one heat exchanger for the space heating circuit and one heat exchanger to produce tap water.


  • Smart design: Mini City is extremely slim and can easily be installed behind a door or even integrated inside a wall
  • Smart room panel: very easy for the installer to commission and for the enduser to operate
  • Smart "first-fix-jig": support with shut-off valves which allows to pressure test and to flush on site before connecting the Mini City units
  • Clever insulation: heat exchangers and primary pipes are fully insulated whereas fresh air enters in the bottom to expluse warm air from the electronic parts via the chimney to the top.The insulation protects the MC during transport and is ligth and easy to handle


  • Efficient design: splitted energy meters for heating and DHW in compliance with the new EU regulations; the one using energy should be the one paying for it. 
  • Easy acces to any flow- or energy meter for a fast service.


  • Mini City has the unique CB20 Integrated Sensor which is the fastest and most accurate controller available, supplying hot water in a split second. Mini City guarantees low return temperature and a big delta which result in a decrease of DN sizes of the pipe network, saving infrastructure costs, electricity and heat losses.
  • The Mini City insulation is the most energy saving insulation on the market.
  • Mini City saves time to installers with its easy access to components, low weight and fast commissioning.


Mini City units are installed in apartments and one-family houses.


Key benefits

  • Always sufficient , stable and hygienic Domestic Hot Water
  • Space saving design - extremely slim and low weight
  • Individual metering of tap water consumption and energy usage
  • Best solution to save water and energy and time to install
  • Offering the lowest return temperature on the market

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