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Midi Wall

Midi Wall is a wall-mounted substation range supplying tap water and space heating for multi-family buildings up to 30 apartments. Nominal capacities: 70, 100 &135 kW.

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The Midi Wall range supplies hot water to both the tap water & the space heating circuit. The space heating supply can be connected to radiators or to floor heating.

On the primary side the unit can be connected either to district heating or local heating networks for indirect connection (2 heat exchangers between heating source & heating supply). 

 District heating substation wall mounted


Midi Wall is suitable for multi-family buildings up to 30 apartments.


  • The Alfa Laval “Plug & play solution”: easy to install, easy to maintain
  • Space saving wall mounted design - Small size and low weight
  • Best control performance for long term use due to 2-stroke HE AND low return 
  • Reduces the use of energy - Supports individual measuring of flow and energy 

This range can be configured and selected using the AlfaSelect selection tool. Please contact Alfa Laval for more information.

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