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Maxi Compact

Alfa Laval Maxi Compact is the first complete range of district heating systems in the world with AHRI certified heat exchangers. It is the most energy efficient solution - thanks to optimum heat recovery and low return temperatures - for apartment blocks up to 90 apartments or any other collective building. Nominal capacity: 10 - 350kW. The units are easy to select with the dedicated Maxi Compact selection tool.

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The Maxi Compact range is on the primary side connected to district heating networks and supplies:

  • Space heating only (radiators and floor heating): model F1
  • Domestic hot water and space heating : model F2

Heating and domestic hot water


Compact and new design

The extremely small footprint makes it easy to handle, to service and to maintain and saves space in boiler rooms

AHRI heat exchangersMaxi-Compact-AHRI-logo

The 2 Copper brazed heat exchangers are AHRI certified. AHRI (Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute) is the only third part independent organization that certifies the performance of plate heat exchangers worldwide. This third-party verification of thermal performance ensures:

  • An energy-efficient certified heat exchanger performing according to specifications that reduces lifetime and operating costs
  • Confidence that the systems heat exchanger is performing according to promised performance
  • Correct thermal performance which will establish a new level and will give exact calculations of the choice of  heat  exchangers and systems.

Alfa Laval IQHeat IQHeat controller

Maxi Compact can be selected with the Alfa Laval IQHeat controller for the most energy efficient solution, giving 15% savings on energy costs. The IQHeat controller means:

  • An outstanding unique logical control
  • Full remote access with built-in WEB interface, data, control and alarm without any additional monthly fees
  • “Plug and Play” ready from factory according to customers specifiations

Easy to select

The Alfa Laval Maxi Compact range comes with a user friendly selection tool providing:

  • Mechanical & thermal configuration
  • Multiple configuration options
  • Product denomination with instant pricing
  • Full technical specification datasheets

Short lead time

The units can be delivered within one week.

Made in Sweden

Maxi Compact is the fruit of a long experience of district heating technology by Alfa Laval.



  • Compact and new design
  • AHRI certified heat exchangers
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Short lead time

The Maxi Compact heating systems can be configured and selected using the dedicated Maxi Compact selection tool. The tool offers the following functionality:

  • Mechanical & thermal configuration
  • Multiple configuration options
  • Product denomination with instant pricing
  • Full technical specification datasheets

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