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Maxi Cooling

Maxi Cooling substations are high-quality, district cooling substations for comfort or process cooling. An engineered solution for all cooling requirements. Nominal capacities: 5 kW - 5 MW

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The Maxi Cooling range offer mutliple possibilities in capacities and applications according to customers need and the requirements of the building.

The units are connected to the district cooling network on the primary side. Capacity, functions and dimensions of the unit can be adjusted to customer needs on site.

Maxi Cooling can - like Maxi Heating and the Midi range - be equipped with the Alfa Laval IQHeat controller; remote communication and control takes place via internet or any Building Management system.

 District cooling substation with remote control


Maxi Cooling is suitable for any building, such as offices, public buildings, commercial buildings, etc.


  • Energy efficient and environmental friendly
  • Extremely small footprint in relation to their capacity
  • Easy accessibility to all components for service and maintenance
  • Possibility to deliver the unit in differents sections

This range can be configured and selected using the AlfaSelect selection tool. Please contact Alfa Laval for more information.

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