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AlfaBlue BO

The AlfaBlue BO series is a modular range of heavy-duty OFAF-type (Oil Forced/Air Forced) oil coolers, specifically designed for cooling down transformer oil. AlfaBlue oil coolers are available for both on-board and remote installation.

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Standard configuration

  • Coil
    An innovative coil design provides excellent heat transfer. In standard execution oil coolers are fitted with smooth copper tubing and industrial power fins for reduced fouling and long lasting performance. Available in different fin spacings (2.5 to 3.6 mm). Flanged connections, manifolds are provided with draining and venting nozzles. Coil corrosion protection is optional.
  • Casing
    Frame design and construction provides high rigidity for protection against (seismic) vibration and thermal shocks. Casing and framework of corrosion resistant pregalvanized sheet steel. Support plates (vertical installation) and mounting feet (horizontal installation) manufactured in galvanized steel. Finishing in RAL color optional.
  • Fan motors 
    Fan motors with balanced aluminium fan blades, available in three fan diameters (800, 900 & 1000 mm) in a single fan row. Available with five noise/fan speed levels and in dual fan speed execution. Standard power supply 400/50/3, other power supplies on request. Motors with external rotor in accordance with VDE 0530/12.84. Protection class IP 54 according to DIN 40050. Integrated thermo contacts provide reliable protection against thermal overload.



For a full overview of all available options and additional technical specifications please refer to the product leaflet.

  • Liquid: transformer oil
  • Capacities: 50 up to 600 kW
    ΔT(Tin/oil -Tin/air) = 35°C

AlfaSelect Air

These air heat exchanger products can be configured and selected using the AlfaSelect Air selection tool.
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How it works

Alfa Laval finned coil air heat exchangers have been designed to achieve an optimized exchange of thermal energy between air and a refrigerant or fluid. The ‘heart’ of our air heat exchangers is the finned coil, built up from a circuit of interconnected tube serpentines and fins to increase the heat exchanging surface. Thanks to the combination of key design variables (coil materials, coil geometry, casing design, fan type), air units are very versatile heat exchangers with a great variety of applications in many industries. Alfa Laval supplies finned coil air heat exchanger products for a wide variety of applications.

Air-cooled liquid coolers (radiators/dry coolers)

Air heat exchangers may be used to cool various process liquids. For this application hot process liquid flows through the tubes. This liquid is cooled by the relatively cold ambient air that is forced through the coil.
Air heat exchangers for process liquid cooling are referred to as 'radiators'. Air-cooled liquid coolers for HVAC applications and total energy systems are referred to as 'dry coolers'.

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