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Fincoil L

Fincoil L air conditioning coils are heating coils for ventilation and airconditioning plants. The internal heat transfer medium used in coil type L is water. In coil type LG, the medium is glycol or other solutions suitable for copper tubing. Special coils are also available for OEM-applications.

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Standard configuration

  • F5 Coil
    - Tube pitch 35x30.31 mm staggered
    - Cu tubes 13.3 mm OD, aluminium fins
    - Fin spacing 2, 2.3, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 mm (12 mm fin spacing available for limited no. of coil sizes)
    - Frame material: aluminium or galvanized steel
    - Special coils F5-E (copper or epoxy coated fins, stainless steel frame, custom frame dimensions)
  • F2 Coil
    - Tube pitch 28.87x25 mm staggered
    - Cu tubes 10 mm OD, aluminium fins
    - Fin spacing 2, 2.5, 3, 4 and 5 mm
    - Frame material: aluminium
    - Special coils F2-E (frame material galvanized or stainless steel, custom frame dimensions)
  • For all F coil types the tubes are attached to the fins by mechanical expansion and fin collars extend over the entire tubing surface (excl. 12 mm fin spacing). The staggered tube arrangement in combination with corrugated fins give the coil an excellent heat transfer efficiency.
    G ¼” plugs are provided for draining and venting on types L, LG, J and JG. If required, an G ¼” socket is also provided for an anti-freezing thermostat.
    A separate drip tray with a pipe connection is provided for each coil of type J, JG or Jx for the removal of the water condensing on the coil surfaces. The tube connections on the coils (as seen in air flow direction) are either on the right- or left-hand side. Unless otherwise specified, the coil is arranged in accordance with the counter-flow principle.


For a full overview of all available options and additional technical specifications please refer to the product leaflet.

  • All refrigerants that do not corrode copper
  • Capacities on request

This product will be configured on order to meet all customer and application requirements. Please contact Alfa Laval for support.

Cold Room Calculator

Mobile app for iOS & Android to calculate the expected heat load for your cold room.
Cold Room Calculator

How it works

Alfa Laval finned coil air heat exchangers have been designed to achieve an optimized exchange of thermal energy between air and a refrigerant or fluid. The ‘heart’ of our air heat exchangers is the finned coil, built up from a circuit of interconnected tube serpentines and fins to increase the heat exchanging surface. Thanks to the combination of key design variables (coil materials, coil geometry, casing design, fan type), air units are very versatile heat exchangers with a great variety of applications in many industries. Alfa Laval supplies finned coil air heat exchanger products for a wide variety of applications.

Air heaters

Alfa Laval supplies air heat exchangers designed for air heating. For this application a hot liquid (usually water) is pumped through the tubes, heating up the coil and hence the air that flows through the coil. These air heaters are used for space heating in workshops, sports halls etc. or as hot air door curtains in for instance shop entrances.

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