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Fincoil FK

Fincoil FK(G) gravity coils are used in cold rooms with temperatures above +2°C. The air coolers can be provided with electric defrost, making them suitable for subzero applications. The low air velocity guarantees draft-free conditions with minimum weight loss of products. The smallest sizes are applicable in small cold rooms and cold stores, e.g. for greeneries and vegetables. Larger models can be used for cooling industrial cold stores.

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Standard configuration

  • Finned coil made of copper tubes and aluminium fins, specially designed for low air velocities. The 1/2" tube diameter enables a small refrigerant filling. The 7.5 mm fin spacing ensures an optimized air flow with reference to heat transfer capacity.
  • All cooler components sustain corrosion well.
  • Easy to assemble driptray construction. Distance between coil and driptray freely adjustable.
  • Collector tray may be mounted on either side of the cooler. Natural inclination of the collector tray enables effective drainage and prevents the drain outlet from fouling.
  • The suspension distance from the ceiling is easily adjustable.
  • Stepped drip tray slats guarantee smooth air flow, even if the drip tray is installed close to the coil.
  • Units are packed in handy cardboard cases (up to size 8200). Bigger units are packed in wooden crates.


For a full overview of all available options and additional technical specifications please refer to the product leaflet.

  • Refrigerants: all H(C)FC, brine (FKG)
  • Capacities: 0.2 up to 4.0 kW

These air heat exchanger products can be configured and selected using the FincoilSelect selection tool. 

Cold Room Calculator

Mobile app for iOS & Android to calculate the expected heat load for your cold room.
Cold Room Calculator

How it works

Alfa Laval finned coil air heat exchangers have been designed to achieve an optimized exchange of thermal energy between air and a refrigerant or fluid. The ‘heart’ of our air heat exchangers is the finned coil, built up from a circuit of interconnected tube serpentines and fins to increase the heat exchanging surface. Thanks to the combination of key design variables (coil materials, coil geometry, casing design, fan type), air units are very versatile heat exchangers with a great variety of applications in many industries. Alfa Laval supplies finned coil air heat exchanger products for a wide variety of applications.

Air coolers & air-cooled condensers

Air coolers and air-cooled condensers are key components in air cooling and airconditioning systems. On the refrigerant side the most common media are a brine or an evaporating refrigerant like H(C)FC, ammonia or CO2. A chilled brine may be supplied from a chiller that is potentially located far away, but a liquified refrigerant must come from a nearby condensing unit. When an evaporating refrigerant is used, the cooling coil is the evaporator in the vapour-compression refrigeration cycle (‘direct expansion’ or ‘DX’ system).

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